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Top 10 Antivirus in India

Last updated on: January 20, 2013

Top 10 Antivirus

  1. Norton Antivirus
  2. AntiVir Personal
  3. Avast! Antivirus
  4. McAfee Antivirus Plus
  5. Kaspersky Antivirus
  6. AVG Antivirus
  7. Windows Defender
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials
  9. ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  10. ClamWin Antivirus

Beyond Top 10:

  1. Trend Micro Antivirus
  2. PC Tools Antivirus
  3. BitDefender Antivirus
  4. F-Secure Antivirus
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Leave a Review:

  1. I think McAfee is a good antivirus. kaspersky and Norton is also a good option .

    KEVALKISHAN on 30 Jul 2011
  2. avira antivir premium is a very super protection on computer and very fast

    navanee on 03 Aug 2011
  3. bit defender is high performance

    thilagan on 24 Sep 2011
  4. thank u

    manish on 08 Nov 2011
  5. kaspersky is superab antivirus….And ESET NOD 32 is also not bad

    mohammed Rahil on 10 Nov 2011
  6. i belive Norton 360 is the best

    Moses on 11 Nov 2011
  7. i think panda and eset are the best options for limited resourse.

    dip on 25 Nov 2011
  8. Mcfee need 500MB ram that’s too much……i like Norton antivirius, it not eat up RAM as Mcfee…

    tushar on 30 Nov 2011
  9. “Quick Heal Total Security” is the best

    Shrikant on 11 Dec 2011
  10. Avg Antivirus is the best antivirus ever made with fast running environment and its residential shield blocks any type of virus even .dlls even u have clicked by mistake….use it and then believe my words!! Because i m the user of AVG since 2003..

    Sameer Khan on 13 Dec 2011
  11. Quick Heal antivitus is the best till date…

    Ronak on 28 Dec 2011
  12. I used differrent 5 antivirus product some years back nothing is better than ESET NOD32 antivirus- superd performance very very fast & good for my computer…..

    Hmuaka on 01 Feb 2012
  13. I think Norton is the best of all Anti Virus Software.

    Komalkumar Shah on 06 Feb 2012
  14. East or West “Quick Heal total Secuity” is Best

    Swapnil on 02 Mar 2012
  15. I think K7 Total security is best anti virus price wise and security wise

    Naveen on 02 Mar 2012
  16. norton & trend micro is best

    ketan on 05 Mar 2012
  17. norton is best

    owais khosa on 14 Mar 2012
  18. Norton is the best then other…………i have 4 years experience of it….

    Jaydev on 02 Apr 2012
  19. AVG is the best in the world……….

    it shows low impact on pc

    AVG rocksssssssssssss

    Sri on 05 Apr 2012
  20. kaspersky ……..boooom

    ravi on 11 Apr 2012
  21. k7 Total Security is best

    charu on 11 Apr 2012
  22. bitdefender nd mcafee are best for complete protection

    yuvraj on 24 Apr 2012
  23. I am using K7. Its really good

    Prasad on 12 May 2012
  24. Quick Heal Total is the Best.

    animesh on 13 May 2012
  25. i think quick heal is the best one if u take it in paid with full version.

    arnab on 25 May 2012
  26. Ozone Antivirus Is The Best Antivirus :

    There Are Two Product :
    1. Internet Security
    2. Total Security

    Ozone Protection You Can Trust :

    Awais Khan on 09 Jun 2012
  27. Norton360 is best antivirus

    Abhishek on 10 Jun 2012
  28. microsoft security essentials is best

    mayank on 13 Jun 2012
  29. i found AVAST is the most fabulous and amazing anti virus,,,its able to secure n provide complete securities to home and office PC’s

    abdul on 17 Jun 2012
  30. i m a software engineer and i personally experiment all the following anti-virus softwares and come to conclusion that avast pro version and Quick heal is the best anti virus both can good in performance and as well as securities,,,,

    sourab patil on 17 Jun 2012
  31. Bit Defender is Best one compare than other…

    vicky on 25 Jun 2012
  32. Microsoft essential anti virus is best. i used for two year its a total security for our computer.

    gani on 26 Jun 2012
  33. microsoft security essentials is best

    Yogesh on 28 Jun 2012
  34. Best is to change your antivirus frequently
    i use sometimes kaspersky and sometimes mcafee
    because i have noticed that there are some melicious code which are not removed by kaspersky and same with mcafee
    kaspersky cannot remove worms to some extent so i use mcafee
    Mcafee cannot remove some dangerous trojans so i use kaspersky
    according to me these are two of the best antiviruses

    danny dsouza on 30 Jun 2012
  35. avast antiviurs is too good, because this is my 10 yrs exprience. my choice is

    Rohit kumar singh on 10 Jul 2012
  36. AVG is the best antivirus. Kaspersky is also good,but it takes too much time and memory to download the virus updates. Where avg downloads it’s updates very fast. Also avg detects 2 trojans where kaspersky didn’t detected. Bitdefender 2012 reduces the speed of the internet.

    Gladiator on 10 Jul 2012
  37. Quick heal total security 2012 is best of the world

    rushang panchal on 16 Jul 2012
  38. Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 is the best..!

    suman ghosh on 19 Jul 2012
  39. Thanks To Avast…………..

    Mady on 19 Jul 2012
  40. Mcafee eats too much ram, but mostly heals file without deleting it. kaspersky eats less ram and works awesome. Avg also slows down com. Eset is good. all works good for fast and modern laptops but for old and slow com , eset is good.

    but over all, every antivirus ig good if they are kept updated.

    Bishal karn on 20 Jul 2012
  41. Kaspersky Antivirus sab antivirus ka baap hai….virus tho scaning krne se phile bhag zyata hai….

    amardip on 26 Jul 2012
  42. best “Quick Heal total Secuity”

    paulwill on 14 Aug 2012
  43. Only 2 Antivirus is Best
    Quickheal Antivirus (all Product)
    and Avira, Kasperkai, Avg, Avast Not good. they are also deleted files to your program file (system file) and computer hang . and quickheal and mcafee file deleted your option.

    Mayank on 26 Aug 2012
  44. I think avast is too good for but not good for data

    Akash on 31 Aug 2012
  45. Quick Heal all range of Products is best.. Quick Heal antivirus is much much better than Kaspersky/Norton/MAcfee/AVG/ESET.. Quick Heal Mobile Security is also superb..Available at very low cost for Blackberry & Android Phones..

    nitin prasad on 01 Sep 2012
  46. according to my point of view& what i hear BitDefender , avira & threadfire are the most good working antivirus they r u used to detect virus fast &clean system without leaving any small virus file

    sai on 03 Sep 2012
  47. apke pc me kon raheta hai virus of quick heal , agar quick heal hai to do no rahe te hai

    Bhaumik on 04 Sep 2012
  48. AVG free edition is a solid antivirus. keeps your computer clean and fast at no cost. Same as avast

    keval on 07 Sep 2012
  49. its good

    saleem on 10 Sep 2012
  50. I recommend ‘Quick Heal Total Security’ instead of all these rubbish.
    Its lighter, faster, smarter & very powerful…

    Cooper on 14 Sep 2012
  51. Kaspersky internet security is best ever, It protects all malware and threats. I am using last 3 years next norton 360 and Avira then AVG & Avast.

    Rajeek on 22 Sep 2012
  52. I think AVast antivirus os top leading in india but in whole world

    Nikhilesh on 29 Sep 2012
  53. Eset Nod32 is the best AV. Its fast, safe and effective…

    Nabin on 08 Oct 2012
  54. for my side Norton is the better or just say that it is better than quick heal and else were

    sagar kumar on 19 Oct 2012
  55. Kaspersky is the latest definitions of Antivirus ..try it out and feel the difference !

    Kishore Rawat on 19 Oct 2012
  56. quick heal total security is best best n best……………………

    vijay on 26 Oct 2012
  57. I think that AVG Anti virus is best.And cleans all my pc

    venkanna on 26 Oct 2012
  58. f-secure is good for mobile phones while norton is gud for pc.

    julius on 28 Oct 2012
  59. use all and then comment and i think kaspersky is the best followed by eset nod 32

    saad on 26 Nov 2012
  60. i think mcafee is good but kaspersky is best

    Mayank on 15 Dec 2012
  61. 3rd consecutive year of 5 pc’s protection with Kaspersky Internet Security. Eye closed BEST and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Safe & Secure is 2nd name of KIS


    Nick Jones on 18 Dec 2012
  62. i think so bitdefender is best antivirus in 2013 bcs it is very fastly scan in system…..!!

    nikunj mayani on 18 Dec 2012
  63. I think avast is the best antivirus because it is easy and simple to use than any other.

    md bilal quraishi on 19 Dec 2012
  64. I think avast Antivirus is the best

    Aditya singh on 25 Dec 2012
  65. I think avast is not so good as bitdifender and trnd micro antivirus.

    noyon on 14 Jan 2013
  66. I think avast is not so good as bitdifender and trnd micro antivirus.Please enter quick heal in the top ten antivirus

    noyon on 14 Jan 2013
  67. Kaspersky Internet Security should be #1 … I am into my 3rd year, consecutive user. Using on 6 machines…6 in 1 key…Simply outstanding and go for it EYE closed 🙂


    Nick Jones on 19 Jan 2013
  68. every antivirus make my PC slow.

    prince singh on 26 Jan 2013
  69. McAfee is a best anti virus.

    ramana on 28 Jan 2013
  70. i am using k7 total security and realy very good antivirus if u use it then can feel very low amount paying for a best product. use it and share it.

    m.a.samim on 01 Feb 2013
  71. quick heal antivirus very very very good

    kannan on 07 Feb 2013
  72. I think Guardian Antivirus is best. From last 2 years I am using this.

    Deesha on 07 Feb 2013
  73. recently launch Ozone Lite it’s good performance . i have used it. it’s good feature also full security.

    beldar on 27 Feb 2013
  74. I used almost all antivirus/internet security suite acording to me no one is 100% secure but avira, avast and eset nod-32 are best. If u want free antivirus then go for avira or avast free edition.. If u want paid antivirus or internet security suite go for avira,kaspersky or nod-32.. Someone written here that kaspersky dont detect some virus and i agree with him i also faced same issue with kaspersky and it is a resource hungry av so better go 4 light,fast and reliable av’s like nod-32, avast or avira. Dont go 4 nod-32 internet security instead use nod-32 av and comodo firewall.

    ANON on 03 Mar 2013
  75. this is anti virus war…anti virus not best but virus is best…..

    haneef on 04 Mar 2013
  76. k7 ultimate seurity is best

    Shiva on 09 Mar 2013
  77. i think k7is the best total security antivirus price vise & security wise

    siddhu on 09 Mar 2013
  78. how about K7 its really good for me which cleen up my infected computer not does any other top5 antivirus does

    Yesudass on 12 Mar 2013
  79. i think avast 2013 pro antivirus is good with software update reminder, safezone ,sandbox and many other cool things.Its free antivirus is the best free antivirus

    vyshekhowareyou on 19 Mar 2013
  80. Updated Kaspersky will detect virus, torjans and worms more likely. Because it can process malwares more sufficiently. It’s the fastest in the cyber-protection industry. Just Google it you’ll know.

    Seema on 20 Mar 2013
  81. k7 security suite is the best protection and without compromise yours security.

    chandan on 21 Mar 2013
  82. K7 TOTAL SECURITY NO. ONE ANTIVIRUS Pls enter top ten list

    Rajendra choudhary on 01 Apr 2013
  83. 3 cheers for NORTON…
    i do not understand how the local products would prevent us from the global threats…
    NORTON is the one which provides protection to FORTUNE 500 companies in the world not any other company….

    Rishabh Mittal on 02 Apr 2013
  84. With less resource utilization ( NST-Nano Secure Technology) K7 Total Security is best buy which cleans everything

    Wajedur Rehman on 07 Apr 2013
  85. Kaspersky Rocksssss. using it for the second year n my lappy doesnt encountered a single incident of viral attacks after installing Kaspersky. go fo it

    karan on 17 Apr 2013
  86. IN My Opinion The Top Five Antivirus Are:
    1.AVG 2013
    2.BIT Defender 2013
    3.Kaspersky 2013
    4.Eset NOD 32

    Anish K.S on 20 Apr 2013
  87. Quick Heal Total Security is a very best antivirus software

    Umesh (Umax) on 27 Apr 2013
  88. have u any time heard about india antivirus i.e net protector india antivirus

    king on 08 May 2013
  89. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is outstanding !!! Try it, feel it…

    Ajith P R on 09 May 2013
  90. East Or West QuickHeal is The Best.

    Mahesh on 11 May 2013
  91. I am using Quick Heal & it is working great. But I did not find this in India’s top 10 !!! Any reason?

    Sami on 18 May 2013
  92. Kaspersky antivirus has been popular only due to its marketing . It is otherwise a poor antivirus and have poor after sales service

    Dr D Acharya on 19 May 2013
  93. quick heal total security is best according to me .
    it is indian antivirus soft make me proud.

    vijay on 04 Jun 2013
  94. according to me top ten antivirus would be
    1 bitddefender antivirus 2013
    2 kaspersky antivirus 2013
    3 Avast pro antivirus
    4 Eset Nod 32
    5 AVG antivirus 2013
    6 panda antivirus 2013
    7 Norton 360
    8 Avira antivirus 2013
    9 McAfee antivirus 2013
    10 MSE

    mayank on 05 Jun 2013
  95. I would reccomend all the readers to try Bitdefender antivirus i am sure u will delete your old antivirus it is the best if u don.’t believe me just search it in google

    Amit on 21 Jun 2013
  96. Following are the top 5 antivirus programs :
    1. K7 Ultimate Security
    2.Viper Premium Antivirus

    Aman Verma on 01 Jul 2013
  97. i am using ESET no problem about that

    mj on 02 Jul 2013
  98. K7 Total Security is best. With a very affordable pricing you will get best security in the industry. Try it here

    Subhadip Bhowmik on 18 Jul 2013
  99. Shocking that quick heal is not even on this list, I’ve been using it for four years and its provided better service than many of the ones shown in this list, inaccurate list!

    Joshua on 29 Jul 2013
  100. i think kaspersky antivirus & internet security is the best antivirus in compare of quicheal &norton antivirus

    AKHIL on 30 Aug 2013
  101. North, East,south, West “Quick Heal total Secuity” is Best ………

    Anillllll on 30 Sep 2013
  102. quick heal total securit no 1 anti virus

    tarun golchha on 03 Oct 2013
  103. K7 antivirus plus is best …….
    its not slow down the computer performance…..
    best performance antivirus

    Raghav Sood on 08 Oct 2013
  104. Bakwaas list is list main “quick heal total security” ka to naam tak nahi hai jabki iska namm top par hona chahiye tha…..

    M.Bafila on 27 Oct 2013
  105. Hi
    I’m a website owner , and my wish k7 total security is nice

    jayaKulo on 03 Nov 2013
  106. it is a very good web site

    thank you

    ronakrathi on 09 Dec 2013
  107. I think that Quick Heal Total Security is the BEST Antivirus for all OS………..

    Gopal Mishra on 21 Feb 2014
  108. Kaspersky 2014 have following problems
    1) propagation bar shows 100% befor update finish. Because of this, KaSky looks like Loacal.
    2)Can’t save updates to file.
    3) They have become slaves of microsofts

    upali on 25 Feb 2014
  109. go av test check your self which one is good ok

    and according to me AVIRA is better

    a on 04 Apr 2014
  110. net protector is best ..
    cheap and safe

    ritesh on 07 May 2014
  111. K7 Antivirus is the best dude.I have seen it myself.Many virus are not even detected by McAfee,which are not only detected but also easily cured with K7.I have used many anti virus programs.But among them,the best are K7 and Bit defender .Because they don’t delay your windows startup and at the same time they are very effective.Pls add K7 in top ten anti virus.I strongly recommend that.

    Christopher Jones on 02 Jul 2014
  112. Kaspersky is the best one

    jaffrin on 04 Aug 2014
  113. kaspersky is the best one….

    jaffrin on 04 Aug 2014
  114. I think norton is best antivirus of 2014

    Ajay malhotra on 14 Aug 2014
  115. I think K7 Is the best total security antivirus price vise & security wise

    Vishal Lohar on 16 Aug 2014
  116. 4th year in a row I purchased Kaspersky Internet Security. I DO NOT recall formatting my pc except once when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 🙂 Close your eyes & go for current version for KIS 2014 🙂

    Nityam Mehrotra on 18 Aug 2014
  117. i thing net protector antivirus software is best india number 1
    because i am use also dealer & 1 time &1 tipe install & forget pc
    dealer code:-k-342

    paresh shingala

    paresh shingala on 03 Sep 2014
  118. npav
    max inetnet security
    qhick heal

    paresh shingala on 03 Sep 2014
  119. Quick Heal antivirous is the best

    Ranjeet Verma on 15 Sep 2014
  120. kaspersky antivirus is awesome

    Animesh on 27 Feb 2015
  121. quick heal total antivirus is best asia no 1 $$$ watching KBC$$ 2014 and BitDefender Antivirus worlds no 1 antivirus…2013 2014 2015

    shankar on 03 Apr 2015

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