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Top Private Banks in India

Last updated on: January 27, 2012

Best Private Banks

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. Axis Bank
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  5. Yes Bank
  6. ING Vysya Bank
  7. IndusInd Bank
  8. Dhanalakshmi Bank
  9. Federal Bank
  10. Jammu and Kashmir Bank
  11. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
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Leave a Review:

  1. thank you icici bank

    pathan on 25 May 2011
  2. Thank you for banking with ICICI bank,khayal aapka.

    chandradhari jha on 03 Mar 2012
  3. Its a request, if you could send me the details in regards with the research and data on which this ranking of top 3 private and public sector banks in India has been conducted. I am a management student from Mumbai and need this details to add into my project work.

    Thanking you.

    Kapildev Tiwari on 04 Mar 2012
  4. Where is Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or ABN Amro Bank

    Yogesh Kumar on 24 Apr 2012
  5. i have complete mba in banking and insurase so i want to find job in banking secterlast final decision so please job in profile tell me about this is my

    sourabh gupta on 13 Jun 2012
  6. It is a very developing bank at present

    pallab sarma on 17 Jun 2012
  7. Only 3 votes were cast and people consider this a credible survey

    neeraj on 21 Jun 2012
  8. i want a credit card,whose credit card system is best,and intrest is less.

    bikram nayk on 02 Jul 2012
  9. icici is good bank and well developing

    rafik pupar on 07 Nov 2012
  10. hamara bank hdfc bank

    anurag sharma on 20 Nov 2012
  11. YES Bank will become No.1 private bank soon.

    vikram on 26 Nov 2012
  12. One and only, fastest growing bank is AXIS BANK. . . . one must be attached with AXIS BANK, may in the name of customer or employee. . who ever reads , trust me. . , have a account with AXIS BANK. . . . It treats customers like its SOUL . . . .

    Thank you . . . .

    VK RUM gulbarga on 13 Dec 2012
  13. thanx……..
    Indusind bank………

    yugal sinha on 27 Dec 2012
  14. YES Bank will become No.1 private bank soon in india

    Rajat panda on 16 Jan 2013
  15. axis bank is fast growing bank in india and very soon become no 1 bank and i love axis banks

    vijay tripathi on 17 Mar 2013
  16. axis bank is good

    minu ritolia on 07 Apr 2013
  17. Think opening HDFC

    Sadasiv on 09 Apr 2013
  18. Sir, May I know that how is HDFC BANK is First Listed !!!
    Means By service Or profit ??

    Dishant on 23 Apr 2013
  19. South indian bank, Tamil Nadu Mercantile bank. Catholic Syrian Bank ,City Union Bank,Karnataka Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Jammu Kashmir Bank are also good private sector banks

    Jacob on 24 Apr 2013
  20. Sir,
    I want all updates related to pvt. sector bank in India.

    prerna verma on 09 Jun 2013
  21. Icici Bank Is My Favourite Bank,
    Because My A/C In Her This Bak

    Vallavan.Rajesh on 11 Jun 2013

    jaseem on 09 Jul 2013
  23. Whether HDFC is a private bank or Foreign Bank

    Gayathri on 20 Aug 2013
  24. sir,
    i am working in indusind bank last seven month as a relationship officer . i have complete my Mba in marketing .but in that time i want to switch in other banks that is better for me or my carrer or not.

    Vikash Gupta on 28 Aug 2013
  25. I like ICICI Bank ….

    Muniraj D on 08 Sep 2013
  26. HDFC is no more the best. Axis certainly moving up. ICICI going down. Dhanlaxmi bank don’t deserve to be in the list and in Federal you will feel the comfort of safe & paying job.

    sajan on 12 Sep 2013
  27. Icici bank – they tell reason as security for every hassle and make us irritate , Axis bank – for name sake it’s private but employees work like govt bank procedures also like govt banks,HDFC – lot of. Crowd in branches like psu now a days as too many account holders .YES bank – the India’s global type of bank best infra speedy atm good employees true private bank it will become no.1 by 2015.

    Manigandan on 12 Nov 2013
  28. Where is karur vysya bank KVB it’s a private bank with security and money safety like a nationalised bank.

    Manigandan on 14 Nov 2013
  29. Kotak mahindra is best.for elite bankers.

    Manigandan on 29 Dec 2013
  30. Best top 10 bank in india

    Kishor Gorelal Prajapati on 21 Jan 2014
  31. Best top 10 bank in indias

    Kishor Gorelal Prajapati on 21 Jan 2014
  32. kotak mahindra bank is one of the best bank in india

    jagdish parihar on 07 Feb 2014
  33. now the govt. is required to lower its operations in banking induatry…i.e. to reduce its share in public sector banks…

    ashish n sonavane on 13 Feb 2014
  34. now the govt. is required to lower its operations in banking induatry…

    ashish n sonavane on 13 Feb 2014
  35. Kotak Mahindra Bank is the best place to work and for career growth.

    Chirag Kurup on 18 Feb 2014
  36. I think south indian bank should placed number fourth. Dhanalakshmi bank should exclude. This ranking is not based on any study..

    rakesh khanna on 15 Mar 2014
  37. Any personel officer job

    madusuthanan.R on 17 Apr 2014
  38. On which criteria this ranking was given.

    ramsai on 05 Jun 2014
  39. Axis bank work very is must for everyone .its safe and providing loans or many facilities. Thnk you axis bank.

    Ritu sharma on 26 Aug 2014
  40. i wan to kw why on which bases this rankig is done???

    priyanka shakya on 29 Sep 2014
  41. all in all bank icici bank ,

    Jahir Ahmed on 01 Nov 2014
  42. I think Yes bank is the best bank of india.

    Gautam majumdar on 10 Nov 2014
  43. Axis bank is the best bank among all the public and private sector banks in india.It is only the bank which provides best internet banking and phone banking very efficiently and quickly.It is the fastest growing bank.It has many types of schemes on deposit accounts according to the type of customer.It has large number of ATMs.By 2015 April it will be in the first position beating other banks.
    Badhti hi naam zindagi with axis

    Y Avinash Reddy on 07 Mar 2015

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