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Top GGSIPU Colleges

Last updated on: July 10, 2012

Best IP University Colleges Ranking

  1. USIT : University School of Information Technology
  2. MAIT : Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology
  3. IGIT : Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology
  4. BVP : Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
  5. MSIT : Mahraja Surajmal Institute Of Technology
  6. AIT : Ambedkar Instt of Technology
  7. USCT : University School of Information Technology
  8. NPTI : National Power Training Institute
  9. BPIT : Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
  11. GTBIT : Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology
  13. GPMCE : Guru Premsukh Memorial College of Engineering
  14. GEC : Government Engineering College
  15. HMR : HMR Institute of Technology & Management
  16. AMITY : Amity School of Engineering
  17. GBPANTH : Govind Ballabh Pant Govt. Engineering College
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Top GGSIPU Colleges, 4.1 out of 5 based on 157 ratings

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  1. We want to know at college level what is the ranking

    Subham Sanwal on 10 Jul 2012
  2. pl send ranking of college of IP university for BBA

    RP SHARMA on 26 Jul 2012
  3. my rank in cet exam is 3957…so, which college from ip university delhi i can look for,,,please inform me asap,,,thank you..

    rohit dua on 25 Aug 2012
  4. My rank is 15544
    in ip cet
    which engineering collage i get

    Raju on 29 Aug 2012
  5. placements of USIT and BVP

    Charu Malik on 26 Sep 2012
  6. I need the MBA updation of IP university

    kiran on 02 Jan 2013
  7. what is package of university school of it

    kumar gaurav on 16 Apr 2013
  8. my rank in bba cet 2013 is 1148. please advice most suitable colleges as per my rank.

    sushant jain on 14 May 2013
  9. My rank in bba cet 2013 is 4942. So, which college of ip university can i look for.

    Rajan kumar on 15 May 2013
  10. what college will i get in ip bba my rank is 5238

    sanyukta on 17 May 2013
  11. My rank is 12422 in ip cet exam 2013
    So which bba college I get

    shivam aggarwal on 20 May 2013
  12. my rank of IP CET is 2489, so which college should i choose or they will give.

    J.L on 22 May 2013
  13. i hv got 17000 rank in ip cet which colg cn i have ?

    rahul on 28 May 2013
  14. my rank is 18422 (outside delhi)… which college will i get??

    Aayush Mathur on 28 May 2013
  15. i want to know in which college can i get an admission with a rank of 10778. i am interested in computer science or IT.

    hemangini on 28 May 2013
  16. my rank in cet is 4836 …. which collage can i get into

    Jot on 29 May 2013

    DINESH KUMAR on 30 May 2013
  18. i have rank of 20000 in ip entrance , con i get admit ion in government collage

    nivedita mehta on 30 May 2013
  19. top 5 collages of GGSIPU MBA in placement nd acadmics:
    1. USMS

    Worst collages in GGSIPU MBA:
    1. BLS
    3. MERI
    4. HMR
    5. IITM

    all the best guys….

    ASHISH SHARMA on 30 May 2013
  20. My rank is 3193 in ip university.. which college i will get in this university ?

    avi on 31 May 2013
  21. my rank is 11377 in ipu cet 2013 can i get govt. college under ipu

    kapish on 31 May 2013
  22. my rank is 11377 in ipu cet 2013 can iget govt. college under ipu and i am from jammu

    kapish on 31 May 2013
  23. my rank is 6958..but i am from outside delhi category…which is best coolage for me in ipu?

    gaurav on 31 May 2013
  24. my rank is 11377 in ipu which college will i get

    kapish on 31 May 2013
  25. when something new,then inform me.

    mahesh on 31 May 2013
  26. top 5 colleges of GGSIPU MBA in placement and acadmics:
    1. USMS

    Worst colleges in GGSIPU MBA:
    1. BCIPS
    2. BLS
    3. MERI
    4. HMR
    5. IITM

    ashish on 01 Jun 2013
  27. my ipucet rank is 9449..i am from outside delhi…which college i expect to get in?

    surya on 02 Jun 2013
  28. my ipucet rank is 9449..i am from outside delhi…which college i expect to get in

    surya on 02 Jun 2013
  29. sir i m getting 7005 rank in ip cet test which coleg of ip i will take

    jugal sharma on 02 Jun 2013
  30. my rank is 26099 in cet which college provide me.please inform me…. thank you….

    KUMAR SHUBHAM on 02 Jun 2013
  31. my rank is 26099 in cet which college provide me.please inform me…. thank you…

    KUMAR SHUBHAM on 02 Jun 2013
  32. my CET rank is 1245 and i m outside delhi general and i want to take admission in igit in mae so it is possible

    vandana on 05 Jun 2013
  33. Which good clg can i get wth 3368 odgen (mce,ece)…….

    Prashant on 05 Jun 2013
  34. My rank is 1245 in ip cet i am odgc
    which engineering collage i get

    vandana on 05 Jun 2013
  35. in ip cet exam…… code 131…. i hv got rank 20959 outside delhi sc catgry….. can i get good college… govt or private …. please reply me in my e mail….

    surya on 05 Jun 2013
  36. nd please also abt councelling dates….

    surya on 05 Jun 2013
  37. My rank in ipucet 2013 is 9818 .I am outside delhi from general category. Where can I get the admission in Engg. in IPU affiliated colleges?

    rahul bhatia on 06 Jun 2013
  38. sir, my rank in ipu is about 23563 rank from outside delhi..i want to take civil engg..can i get any college

    roshan kumar on 07 Jun 2013
  39. my rank in mca cet exam is 1030…so,
    which college i get from ip university
    in delhi ..and when will they display 1st counsiling date

    kamini naithani on 07 Jun 2013
  40. rank in cet [code-131] is 1768.any ip top 4 college to expect.

    kartikeya sharma on 07 Jun 2013
  41. my rank in cet exam is 13364..i am domisile of delhi. which college from ip univercity delhi i can look for,,piease inform me,,thank you……….

    nikhil raj on 08 Jun 2013
  42. my cet rank is 4278 so which college & branch will be best for me in ipu & i want to know about ipu’s college ranking in india,placements & top college of ipu. please send me these inf. immediately

    BHARAT KUMAR on 08 Jun 2013
  43. my rank in cet is 17619..which college i will get…
    and when ip has online councelling for bba…

    harpreet kaur on 08 Jun 2013
  44. MBA placements scene at i.p ?
    emphasizing more on usms and maimt

    kanika on 09 Jun 2013
  45. cet-2013 rank 15559 for BBA. I am qualify or not for any college of ip university

    SAMAKSH SINGLA on 10 Jun 2013
  46. my rank 36856 in btch in df kota plz tell me whether i get good college in ipu aur nt

    nishant sharma on 11 Jun 2013
  47. my rank in cet exam for law is 2224, which law college from IP university delhi I can get
    Please guide me thanking you
    Pavani bhardwaj

    pavani bhardwaj on 11 Jun 2013
  48. Sir my rank in ipu is 10000 in gen. And out Delhi.which college can I get??

    vivek on 12 Jun 2013
  49. i got 9182 rank in ip cet and i want ta take mechanical branch.. which will be the best college i can get in this rank.. plz help

    vishal on 12 Jun 2013
  50. i just want to know
    i had scored 2159 rank in bjmc
    which course am able to get frm good college

    Ashish Devgan on 13 Jun 2013
  51. My rank is 3131 applying for mca than which college my admission sure them for only top college pls send meeee….

    R j kumawat on 15 Jun 2013

    KARAN NANDWANI on 17 Jun 2013
  53. my rank in ipu cet code 131 is 22261 outside delhi category in gen. can i expect my adm. in any of the top colleges under ipu in btech computer science or ec..??

    vijay on 18 Jun 2013
  54. My ranking is 1226 in ip cet2013 for mca.plz tell me about colleges in delhi i can opt .

    sita on 20 Jun 2013
  55. my rank in cet is 17285 odgen…..can i gt a decent college in ipu…in 1st or 2nd counselling for cse stream?

    ritika on 21 Jun 2013
  56. what would be expected colleges according to my rank 17285 odgen?
    would ece,it stream make any difference in getting colleges for the same rank?

    ritika on 21 Jun 2013
  57. WHat are the top ranking IP university colleges in Delhi which offer BBA

    Arun Taneja on 22 Jun 2013
  58. i got 2926 rank wch colge ll get..

    megha on 04 Jul 2013
  59. My rank in ipu cet-768…
    then what college of engineering i look for……

    sachin garf on 05 Jul 2013
  60. mah rnk is 7136….which clg can i t for elctronics n communication …..what is the rank of clg

    abcd on 05 Jul 2013
  61. hw is kasturi ram college

    tanuj on 15 Jul 2013
  62. sir im getting gb pant(mae&autmn).i want to know what is future scope of this course.

    anand kumar tiwari on 25 Jul 2013
  63. i want to know about vacancies in these colleges

    rajbir singh on 06 Oct 2013

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