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Top ODI Batsmen

Last updated on: May 26, 2012

ICC ODI Batting Rankings

IDRat.NameNat.Career Best Rating
1871H.M. Amlaflags sa Top ODI Batsmen886 v India, 23/01/2011
2851A.B. de Villiersflags sa Top ODI Batsmen851 v New Zealand, 03/03/2012
3846V. Kohliflags ind Top ODI Batsmen846 v Pakistan, 18/03/2012
4752M.S. Dhoniflags ind Top ODI Batsmen836 v Australia, 31/10/2009
5751K.C. Sangakkaraflags sl Top ODI Batsmen763 v Pakistan, 15/03/2012
6735I.J.L. Trottflags eng Top ODI Batsmen781 v India, 23/10/2011
7729A.N. Cookflags eng Top ODI Batsmen746 v Pakistan, 18/02/2012
8708M.J. Clarkeflags aus Top ODI Batsmen750 v Sri Lanka, 22/02/2008
9698S.R. Watsonflags aus Top ODI Batsmen773 v Sri Lanka, 14/08/2011
10689Umar Akmalflags pak Top ODI Batsmen702 v Afghanistan, 10/02/2012
11688M.E.K. Husseyflags aus Top ODI Batsmen857 v New Zealand, 28/01/2007
12683Shakib Al Hasanflags ban Top ODI Batsmen683 v Pakistan, 22/03/2012
12683T.M. Dilshanflags sl Top ODI Batsmen765 v New Zealand, 29/03/2011
14681J.H. Kallisflags sa Top ODI Batsmen817 v West Indies, 04/02/2004
15668M.J. Guptillflags nz Top ODI Batsmen684 v Zimbabwe, 09/02/2012
16667B.R.M. Taylorflags zim Top ODI Batsmen667 v New Zealand, 09/02/2012
17666G. Gambhirflags ind Top ODI Batsmen722 v New Zealand, 04/12/2010
18657D.P.M.D. Jayawardenaflags sl Top ODI Batsmen738 v West Indies, 19/12/2001
19653B.B. McCullumflags nz Top ODI Batsmen664 v Pakistan, 09/11/2009
20652R.N. ten DoeschateNED665 v Ireland, 18/03/2011
21648J.P. Duminyflags sa Top ODI Batsmen668 v Netherlands, 03/03/2011
22647R.L. Taylorflags nz Top ODI Batsmen693 v Australia, 10/02/2009
22647P.R. Stirlingflags ire Top ODI Batsmen650 v Scotland, 12/07/2011
24639G.C. Smithflags sa Top ODI Batsmen784 v India, 25/11/2005
25633V. Sehwagflags ind Top ODI Batsmen774 v New Zealand, 11/01/2003
26629L.D. Chandimalflags sl Top ODI Batsmen667 v Australia, 06/03/2012
27627S.R. Tendulkarflags ind Top ODI Batsmen887 v Zimbabwe, 13/11/1998
28621K.P. Pietersenflags eng Top ODI Batsmen833 v Australia, 08/04/2007
29618Tamim Iqbalflags ban Top ODI Batsmen629 v England, 28/02/2010
30615Misbah-ul-Haqflags pak Top ODI Batsmen623 v West Indies, 28/04/2011
31613E.J.G. Morganflags eng Top ODI Batsmen690 v Australia, 30/06/2010
32599S. Rainaflags ind Top ODI Batsmen658 v Sri Lanka, 30/05/2010
33596K.A. Pollardflags wi Top ODI Batsmen596 v Australia, 25/03/2012
33596C.H. Gayleflags wi Top ODI Batsmen804 v Zimbabwe, 30/11/2003
35594L.M.P. Simmonsflags wi Top ODI Batsmen629 v India, 02/12/2011
36591R.T. Pontingflags aus Top ODI Batsmen829 v New Zealand, 20/12/2007
37583D.J. Husseyflags aus Top ODI Batsmen630 v Sri Lanka, 02/03/2012
38580W.U. Tharangaflags sl Top ODI Batsmen663 v New Zealand, 28/12/2006
39577S. Chanderpaulflags wi Top ODI Batsmen776 v England, 22/03/2009
40572Mohammad Hafeezflags pak Top ODI Batsmen583 v Sri Lanka, 18/11/2011
41570Shahid Afridiflags pak Top ODI Batsmen663 v India, 02/10/1997
42569Yuvraj Singhflags ind Top ODI Batsmen787 v West Indies, 26/06/2009
43563D.A. Warnerflags aus Top ODI Batsmen563 v West Indies, 25/03/2012
44555A.D. Mathewsflags sl Top ODI Batsmen598 v Australia, 14/08/2011
45554R.R. Sarwanflags wi Top ODI Batsmen780 v India, 23/05/2006
46552K.J. O’Brienflags ire Top ODI Batsmen582 v England, 02/03/2011
46552R.G. Sharmaflags ind Top ODI Batsmen582 v West Indies, 05/12/2011
48548J.D. Ryderflags nz Top ODI Batsmen574 v Zimbabwe, 25/10/2011
48548Younus Khanflags pak Top ODI Batsmen659 v West Indies, 16/11/2008
50547S.B. Styrisflags nz Top ODI Batsmen663 v England, 28/06/2008
51546P.D. Collingwoodflags eng Top ODI Batsmen697 v Australia, 03/07/2010
52533A. Bagaiflags can Top ODI Batsmen544 v Australia, 16/03/2011
53531T.L.W. CooperNED576 v West Indies, 28/02/2011
54518T. Taibuflags zim Top ODI Batsmen529 v Bangladesh, 16/08/2011
55513C.L. Whiteflags aus Top ODI Batsmen648 v India, 20/10/2010
56511Nasir Hossainflags ban Top ODI Batsmen514 v Sri Lanka, 22/03/2012
57509R.S. Boparaflags eng Top ODI Batsmen512 v Australia, 06/09/2009
58503C. Kieswetterflags eng Top ODI Batsmen503 v Pakistan, 21/02/2012
59502A. Obandaflags ken Top ODI Batsmen520 v Afghanistan, 11/10/2010
59502S.E. Marshflags aus Top ODI Batsmen581 v South Africa, 18/01/2009
61500C.O. Obuyaflags ken Top ODI Batsmen513 v Australia, 13/03/2011
61500Mushfiqur Rahimflags ban Top ODI Batsmen525 v West Indies, 15/10/2011
61500I.R. Bellflags eng Top ODI Batsmen702 v India, 27/08/2007
64497A.D. Russellflags wi Top ODI Batsmen497 v Australia, 25/03/2012
65493Imrul Kayesflags ban Top ODI Batsmen560 v Australia, 13/04/2011
65493D.M. Bravoflags wi Top ODI Batsmen515 v India, 05/12/2011
67487B.J. Haddinflags aus Top ODI Batsmen612 v Pakistan, 22/04/2009
67487G.C. Wilsonflags ire Top ODI Batsmen487 v Kenya, 20/02/2012
69486W.T.S. Porterfieldflags ire Top ODI Batsmen537 v Bangladesh, 15/07/2010
70478Kamran Akmalflags pak Top ODI Batsmen557 v England, 22/09/2010
70478F. du Plessisflags sa Top ODI Batsmen479 v New Zealand, 29/02/2012
72477D.J.G. Sammyflags wi Top ODI Batsmen477 v Australia, 25/03/2012
72477H. Masakadzaflags zim Top ODI Batsmen566 v Bangladesh, 31/10/2009
74476E. Chigumburaflags zim Top ODI Batsmen554 v South Africa, 22/08/2007
75475T. Mishraflags ken Top ODI Batsmen509 v Ireland, 18/02/2012
76474R.A. Jadejaflags ind Top ODI Batsmen476 v Bangladesh, 16/03/2012
76474J.D.P. Oramflags nz Top ODI Batsmen583 v Bangladesh, 11/10/2008
76474Mahmudullahflags ban Top ODI Batsmen476 v India, 16/06/2010
79465K.S. Williamsonflags nz Top ODI Batsmen467 v South Africa, 25/02/2012
80464Shoaib Malikflags pak Top ODI Batsmen685 v India, 13/02/2006
81463Asad Shafiqflags pak Top ODI Batsmen481 v West Indies, 02/05/2011
82459Y.K. Pathanflags ind Top ODI Batsmen543 v Ireland, 06/03/2011
83457N.J. O’Brienflags ire Top ODI Batsmen477 v Australia, 17/06/2010
84452M.V. Boucherflags sa Top ODI Batsmen621 v Scotland, 20/03/2007
85442M.N. Samuelsflags wi Top ODI Batsmen631 v Sri Lanka, 11/06/2003
86441R.J. Nicolflags nz Top ODI Batsmen465 v South Africa, 25/02/2012
87439V. Sibandaflags zim Top ODI Batsmen512 v Pakistan, 21/01/2008
87439D.J.J. Bravoflags wi Top ODI Batsmen493 v England, 28/10/2006
89434Junaid Siddiqueflags ban Top ODI Batsmen497 v India, 19/02/2011
90433S.T. Jayasuriyaflags sl Top ODI Batsmen838 v Bangladesh, 14/02/2003
90433Rizwan Cheemaflags can Top ODI Batsmen543 v Kenya, 19/08/2009
92427Raqibul Hasanflags ban Top ODI Batsmen525 v India, 11/01/2010
93426S.C. Williamsflags zim Top ODI Batsmen519 v Bangladesh, 11/08/2009
94424Imran Farhatflags pak Top ODI Batsmen609 v New Zealand, 07/01/2004
95420J.F. Mooneyflags ire Top ODI Batsmen431 v England, 02/03/2011
95420Abdul Razzaqflags pak Top ODI Batsmen635 v India, 19/03/2004
97418D.L. Vettoriflags nz Top ODI Batsmen465 v Australia, 06/03/2010
98417S.O. Tikoloflags ken Top ODI Batsmen534 v South Africa, 30/09/1999
99416T.T. Samaraweeraflags sl Top ODI Batsmen527 v India, 05/01/2010
100415C.R. Ervineflags zim Top ODI Batsmen443 v Kenya, 20/03/2011

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