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Top Schools in Gurgaon

Last updated on: April 11, 2012

Best Schools in Gurgaon

  1. Shri Ram School, Aravali
  2. DAV Public School
  3. Shikshantar School
  4. Delhi Public School
  5. Salwan School
  6. The Heritage School
  7. Amity International School
  8. Suncity School
  9. Blue Bells Model School
  10. Summer Fields School
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  1. myself jiya im searching a good pre-nursery school for my2 years olds baby shreya . please kindly send me information regarding school admission by mail

    thnx & regards

    JIYA on 17 Sep 2012
  2. We have secured admission for our child in LKG in DAV, but the playschool teachers and friends are suggesting that we try in the new-age/ intl schools too…..we are very confused. Pls suggest.

    RS on 22 Sep 2012
  3. my school is on the top!!!!!

    shanaya arora on 04 Dec 2012
  4. i like all the schools eaqully

    shanaya arora on 04 Dec 2012
  5. i know all these schools are the best . but should have also give some information regarding these schools.

    rashmi jain on 08 Dec 2012
  6. Would like to know top 10 schools under CBSE in Dwarka, New Delhi

    Rajiv Prasad on 31 Jan 2013
  7. Amity has gone down in ranking and there is no value addition in terms of overall personality development. I wish to change schools for my kids who are in 5th and 2nd standard. Please suggest good schools in Gurgaon

    Rajendra on 08 Mar 2013
  8. Please do not put your child in Ardee school, it’s a complete rip off. Very expensive with no facilities. Nursery cost is low to get you in then increase by 60-80%. Picture of big building new school from last 3-4 years but no progress. Avoid,avoid,avoid

    Shyam on 20 Mar 2013
  9. Can anybody please suggest me, how is Indus World School in Gurgaon? I heard somewhere its a good school.

    Vinod Sharma on 29 Mar 2013
  10. Shalom Hills International School is among the best international school in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. The school offers CBSE curriculum.

    Deepika on 26 Apr 2013
  11. Shalom hills international school is one of the best school in gurgaon. For more information visit

    Shalom hills international school Gurgaon on 12 Jun 2013
  12. In addition to having an international educational curriculum with an excellent infrastructure, we create a difference by our approach towards teaching methods. We at Excelsior American School focus on INDIVIDUALISED LEARNING for each student. Individualised learning takes place when there is an education system in which assessment, curriculum, teaching style and out-of-hours provision are all designed to discover and nurture the unique talents of every single pupil.

    As each student has a different learning style so, to promote effective learning, we have introduced some novel and innovative skill development labs. This type of learning involves actions and reflexes, collaboration, learner’s responsibility and an active engagement of visual & auditory faculties.

    The school has an extremely committed teaching team. The handpicked staff are highly qualified and experienced in their fields; and are life-long learners committed to making the learning experience for every student a rewarding one. Well versed in pedagogies aspects with an exposure to international education system, they are proficient in activity based teaching that will enrich the classroom management and learning facilitation.

    rakesh saha on 13 Jul 2013
  13. Can anybody please suggest me Which is the best school for my 3 years old baby …she is going in pre-nursery and for nursery Is shri ram school is best for her?

    Pooja on 25 Aug 2013
  14. With the mushrooming of several schools in Gurgaon , parents are faced with the dilemma of choosing a right place for their little ones and the question they often have is why a particular school ?
    Excelsior American School is a day boarding, senior secondary institute, at the moment opening its doors from nursery to class VII. The school shall be affiliated to CBSE and International Baccalaureate.

    Excelsior American School is a day boarding, senior secondary institute, at the moment opening its doors from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI. The school shall be affiliated to CBSE International and International Baccalaureate effective August 2014 .

    We provide the kind of quality childcare and creative learning environment for which you have been searching. Education takes on new meaning when the child’s natural curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. Attending our school is a “positive” growth experience for all children.

    Our “state-of-the-art” facility has been carefully designed to accommodate the complex needs of children. You can relax during the day, confident that your loved one is safe and secure in a setting geared to enhance learning. This warm and inviting atmosphere is the next best thing to home.

    Key staff members are professionally trained in the Excelsior principles of education. Support staff includes specialists in reading, science, social studies, Spanish, French, music, art, and computers. Teaching methods are consistent throughout the school, making for a smooth transition as students move from one learning area to another.

    Our active, self-directed educational process fosters the utmost in creative thinking. We empower the children via a unique balance of freedom and responsibility, both in and out of the classroom. These early academic success experiences create a joy of learning that lasts a lifetime.

    Each child is thoroughly evaluated and personally guided through a self-paced curriculum. This accounts for individual differences and enables the children to progress at their own speed. Thus, the level of stress is minimized, and they are free to set up their own challenges (even choose the order of their work). It has been shown that learning actually occurs faster in the absence of fixed, imposed constraints.

    Rich curriculum is planned for all ages. Language development, strong vocabulary, and enhanced general knowledge are emphasized at all levels. Preprimary classes also focus on practical life, sensorial, early reading and math, as well as cultural experiences.
    Regarding Elementary and High School children the school’s goal is to be on the cutting edge of quality educational innovation in order to produce high achievement and the best program for its students. Curriculum is developed with the philosophy that all students can learn and deserve equal access to quality education

    Numerous enrichment activities are offered that you may select for your child. These include piano lessons, swim classes, tumbling, dance, and fitness programs, ceramics, clay modeling, etc

    Primary Classes upwards children get to participate in the ‘ Weekly Friday Clubs ‘[add the list from the earlier website]Have a drop down menu with all the clubs Given in the old website and add INDIAN MUSIC

    Our innovative playground equipment has been specially set up in order to fulfill the important need for physical exercise. These outdoor facilities are available to the children when they feel they need to move about.

    Nutrition is an important factor in learning. Hot breakfast and lunches are planned to provide good nourishment and develop good eating habits from a young age. Nutritious snacks are also provided several times a day.

    We are centrally located in the heart of Gurgaon [C2 , SUSHANT LOK PHASE 1].

    Our doors open at 8 o’clock in the morning and remain open until 4 PM in the evening..

    Sports is an integral part of Excelsior Curriculum and the main aim of the sports curriculum is to
    Improve their physical skills and fitness.
    Develop self discipline
    Be enthusiastic.
    Be motivated
    Develop self respect and high self esteem.
    Be a Team Player.
    We offer an array of sports to children Taekwondo, Basket Ball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Horse riding, Soccer, Base Ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Parasailing, Adventure Sports , Track & Field and Table Tennis.

    rakesh saha on 13 Sep 2013
  15. can anyone tell us about the shri ram police public school bhondsi gurgaon

    ruchi on 13 Sep 2013
  16. Rabindranath World School is an English medium school located in DLF Phase III, Gurgaon with an easy proximity to metro station. The school is from Pre-Nursery Class to Class XIIth. Last year we changed the name from Tagore International to Rabindranath World School. Our school follows Play way method for the Pre-Primary Classes and C.B.S.E. board pattern for Primary & Secondary Classes. We have 2:25 Teacher student ratio for pre-primary classes. Digital classes & multimedia programs exclusively framed for the children. We have huge playground area along with the volley ball and handball courts. We have Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy (MBTA) within our premises. Apart from the sports activities for the children we have Fitness 365 program exclusively designed to assess the healthiness of the child. We have cell phone transport facility in all over Gurgaon and South Delhi.
    For more information you can visit our website: or you can call us on:
    +91 8826521304, +91 124 3292818. +91 124 3292816

    Rabindranath World School on 11 Oct 2013
  17. I am very interested in these schools.

    Rudra Sadhu on 04 Dec 2013
  18. My son is studying in mothers pride pre nursery. Now i am searching for a good formal school. Pls suggest me can i go with DPS sec 45 gurgaon. Pls suggest

    Ritesh kothari on 05 Feb 2014
  19. Just want to share my experience with shalomhills international school Gurgaon….such a fraud and cheater staff they know how to make money. If you search on net it will show that this school got an award for best school. How can this type of schools get award. They should get award for top corrupted school in Gurgaon shame this is what we are teaching our chlidren at very young age how to bribe the school and get the work done. Even this school has setting for board exams to get 100% result. Must say “Mera Bharat Mahan”

    madhoo on 12 Feb 2014
  20. is it possible to get the admission in DPS Sector 45 now for the 2014-15 session.

    Saurabh goel on 04 Mar 2014
  21. Amity cares only for top 3 or 5 children from each class. Rest of the students are wasting their time in the class. Every year they give award to 27 students out of 32 from each class and each section. The left out 4 students are good for nothing. These children are being made fun of in the class. The GTSE exam is compulsory and the exam paper for class 4 holds the problems from class 5 maths also. That means your child needs to study maths of class which is yet to come next year. What kind of genius they are looking for. result is declared online. You can see the list online where you can see your neighbour’s child’s marks also and make them embarass later. I suppose their should be a strict check on such schools.

    XYZ on 06 May 2014
  22. Dav sec 14 se also on the top of the list …how can such a careless school r on the top list…teachers r very careless there …they dont check hw daily n even they forget my child to drop her in the bus…such a big mistake n also they dont feel sorry

    Payal on 11 Jul 2014
  23. Heritage school has the best CBSE result in the country – check out

    vm on 23 Jul 2014
  24. The Shri Ram Schools are emphatic about providing child-centric education, and keeping this in mind, we offer learning that is both interactive and experiential. The teaching methodology is a diverse mix of the most recent innovations in education and is based on the latest findings in tutoring research.

    Shri Ram on 25 Aug 2014
  25. Please sent me best school in activities & studies in gurgaon for 5 & 3 years old boy. Sent message on what’s up. Very soon.

    deepika kothari on 10 Sep 2014
  26. I am looking for a good and economical school in Gurgaon near to Sec 48 south citi-2.
    As of now, planning to go for Shalom Hills Int…

    Rajesh on 12 Sep 2014
  27. Blooming Buds is the best school which provide friendly environment to explore knowledge and also give the opportunity to find what is right and what is wrong. For more detail visit their official website:

    Preeti on 30 Apr 2015
  28. The Shri Ram School is ranked as number one International School in Delhi NCR. In fact many considered it as number one school in India. TSRS shines in all departments like Infrastructure, Faculty, Sports, Co Curricular, Academic.

    Ravi on 25 Jul 2016

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