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Top Schools in Kolkata

Last updated on: January 14, 2011

Top Day Schools

  1. St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata
  2. La Martiniere Boys School, Kolkata
  3. St. James School, Kolkata
  4. La Martiniere Girls School, Kolkata
  5. Loreto House, Middleton, Kolkata
  6. Modern High School, Kolkata
  7. Don Bosco, Park Circus, Kolkata
  8. Sacred Heart Convent, Jamshedpur
  9. Ashok Hall Girls Sec. School, Kolkata
  10. DPS, Ruby Park, Kolkata
  11. Don Bosco, Bandel, Kolkata
  12. M P Birla Foundation Hr. Sec, Kolkata
  13. Calcutta Boys School, Kolkata
  14. The Heritage School, Kolkata
  15. Salt Lake School, Kolkata
  16. Auxilium Convent, Bandel, Kolkata
  17. Assembly of God Church, Kolkata
  18. Calcutta Girls Schools, Kolkata
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  1. Want to 4 year old Son Kid to any of the school in the next year’s session.

    Neelanjan Das on 08 Apr 2012
  2. I want my son whose DOB is 24/nov/2007 to get admitted in any of the nearby school it vip road. Pls if anyone could help, it would be so kind.

    swati pandey on 20 May 2012
  3. I am shocked not to find the name of South Point High School among the list of the Top Schools in Kolkata. South Point was once the biggest school of Asia and performance wise this school has produced innumerable toppers both in Madhyamik and HS Exams in the past years. Ex-Pointers have proved their excellence all over the world. This school is undoubtedly one of the topmost schools not only in Kolkata, but also in India.

    Rini Choudhury on 07 Jun 2012
  4. Yeah, though I’m from Xav, still South Point not making it into the top five is quite surprising coz every year it produces toppers consistantly..

    Rahul Mehta on 18 Jun 2012
  5. This ranking loses credibility by excluding South Point. They should share the criteria for this ranking process and I would imagine the only reason South Point is out (provided there is no other agenda here) is that this is a ranking among ICSE affiliated schools only.

    Subha Dutta on 20 Jul 2012
  6. SPHS is not mentioned probably becasue of lack of all round devlopment and facility. Emphasis and facility is purely on academics and WBJEE and nothing else.

    Random on 25 Jul 2012
  7. i want my daughter( dob- 17/09/2010) to get admission in any top 5 school in kolkata. help me out. thanks

    jaiprakash jaiswal on 06 Sep 2012
  8. I’m from St.Xavier’s, and I completely disagree with this list. How can one of the best schools like Calcutta Boys’ School be placed at the 12th position ? It is known to produce toppers every year,and it is good in sports n other activities as well.How the hell can newbie schools such as DPS, Ashok Hall n MP Birla be placed higher than CBS !!! The Christian schools are anyday the best in Calcutta,and they will always rule. CBS should be in a higher position such as the 6th or 7th spot.

    Nilotpal on 28 Sep 2012
  9. I am not the student of CBS but its ranking should be with in third or fifth.

    javed on 30 Sep 2012
  10. why have u not given the name of don bosco liluah in this list just because it is in is not a good survey and should be rebuked at.

    anirudh mackar on 30 Sep 2012
  11. welland gouldsmith school is a good educated school but the teachers are strict

    Shanaya on 31 Oct 2012
  12. I do nt agree with this list…..yea some schools are defintly should come in top ten from this list….bt how calcatta boys cme into this? i m quite shokd that st.lawrene high school’s name also nt there in this list

    sanmoy ghosh on 18 Nov 2012
  13. ya i agree with sanmoy….st.lawrence high school’s name defintly should cme

    sayak on 18 Nov 2012
  14. Why the name of Garden High School is missing ?

    Subhajit Chakravarty on 20 Nov 2012
  15. what are your views for Birla High School, of 1 Moira Street? It has not secured any rank in your list. What are the parameters you consider for the ranking.
    Thank you,
    Yours faithfuly,
    Jay Prakash

    Jay Prakash Agarwal on 26 Nov 2012
  16. Sir / Mam
    I want to get my nice admitted in one of the best school where she can make her carrer. I know that i dare to see this dream of giving my Nice a better scop to study in best school. Currently she is studing in Children foundation school near Maheshtatta. and alway she bought 75 and above marks.So please send me the processure and date of issue admission form

    Ramanand Maurya on 04 Dec 2012
  17. please get ur stats correct….DON BOSCO LILUAH’s name doesnt appear in da list….although it has been awarded the SCHOOL OF THE YEAR BY THE TELEGRAPH………

    vaibhav pareek on 24 Dec 2012
  18. Proud to see my school Xaviers at the top,but really surprised by seeing Calcutta Boys at the 13th spot.
    CBS is like one of the best schools in Kolkata and it shud be placed in the top 6-7.
    And even more surprising is to see a school of jamshedpur in a list for Calcutta’s schools.
    Please make changes in the survey especially about CBS and the Jamshedpur issue.Otherwise I’m happy to see SXC at the top.

    Neel on 27 Dec 2012
  19. Garden High was never a very good school so there’s no reason why it should be there.
    Also, I think South Point is not as good as it once was. But academically it deserves a place. Also. The list is comprehensive, though flawed. It obviously takes into account co curriculars as well but it does not take into account the discipline or quality of the student body. And for the person who is asking why DPS is on the list its because its only been here for a decade or so but it consistently produces toppers and iitians and students who are now in universities abroad. Auxilium, salt lake school, assembly of god church and MP Birla do not deserve their places AT all. We cannot give schools credibility just because they have been around for a long time.

    sanjana on 09 Jan 2013
  20. Where’s South Point. I am totally shocked not to see its name

    Saurish Sarkar on 20 Jan 2013
  21. south point and Don Bosco liluah are two schools missing from the list

    mrinmoy negel on 21 Jan 2013
  22. Hy my daughter is 1.5 yr old ..I want to know @ wat age does Below mentioned schools take admission.. La Martiniere Girls School, Kolkata
    Loreto House, Middleton, Kolkata
    Modern High School, Kolkata

    Abhishek Jain on 25 Jan 2013
  23. Really shocking……
    As far as i know all over Calcutta rather West Bengal, only four schools have been privileged to reach the Hall Of Fame for being School Of The Year (Winning the title for three times is compulsory).
    And the schools are:
    1. St. James School
    2. Don Bosco Park Circus
    3. La. Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata
    4. Don Bosco Liluah.
    Don Bosco Liluah excluded from the list is really shocking.
    South point school is also excluded.
    Calcutta Boys School is placed at 13, really astonishing. (DPS ruby park is placed above CBS, simply how is it possible?????)
    What’s the basis of this survey????

    Kunal Singh on 30 Jan 2013
  24. surprised to see birla high for girls’ ( renamed Sushila Birla Girls’ school) not featuring in top _10 list, I think it had been left out being a girl’s school….as of today it’s one of the best institution in kolkata

    pushpak barik on 30 Jan 2013
  25. Don Bosco School Liluah is missing from the list…

    Akshay Ekka on 08 Feb 2013
  26. sir/madam,
    please help me to choose the top 5 girls schools for class-xi science in kolkata serialwise.
    mobile no.-+919830342838.

    ASHOK KUMAR MITTAL on 09 Feb 2013
  27. please send alerts regarding admission notices in above mentioned schools

    dr meenakshi biswas on 22 Feb 2013
  28. I am really surprised not to see south point .. ….and position of CBS in position 13….well happy to see that my school la martinere for boys in the second spot ….no suprise at xaviers coming first

    Anuraag Mitra on 23 Feb 2013
  29. Is G D Birla Centre For Education is not good enough school to secure a place in top 18 ?

    Subhankar Chaudhuri on 27 Feb 2013
  30. MP.Birla Foundation Higher school is a very good school has it has ,a huge campus,good teachers,Educomp facility,personal tuition.This school has the facility of digital teaching.

    Ayush Gupta on 28 Feb 2013
  31. Please help me to get admission for my child (d.o.b- 20.7.08) in top 10 Schools in Kolkata .

    Dibyendu Saha on 28 Feb 2013
  32. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE…….SPHS is the best….i am myself a student…nd frankly speaking i am proud….it does not prepare u just for exams….it prepares u for the WORLD…it is and will remain the best of all schools not only in India but in ASIA….its gearing up for the WORLD……

    Driganka Mandal on 08 Mar 2013
  33. How would you rank Birla For Girls’-Kolkata

    Sweta Bhansali on 09 Mar 2013
  34. i am shocked not to find south point among the top five list.Not only are the teachers excellent but south point always has produced toppers and I am sure it also will in the years to come

    upali ghosh on 09 Mar 2013
  35. My school name MAHA DEVI BIRLA WORLD ACADEMY is missing..

    Priyanka Sarda on 17 Mar 2013
  36. I do not know how the rankings have been made, but I feel Garden High deserves a top 8 name on the list. If results are to be seen, the percentage of high scorers among the appeared students in ICSE and ISC, is among the best across all schools in Kolkata. I have my ward studying and the methodoly and approach is one of the best.

    Suprateek on 19 Mar 2013

    abdus salam islam on 27 Mar 2013
  38. i want my daughter who is only 8+ and in class three secured 78.52 percentages to be admitted in one of the best school in class four. so please help me i will be obliged and thankful to you.

    anupama singh on 05 Apr 2013
  39. My daughters DOB is 01.03.2010. She is in Nursery in play school. want her to get admitted in La Martiniere Girls School, Kolkata
    Loreto House, Middleton, Kolkata or
    Modern High School, Kolkata. Can any one assist

    madhurima on 09 Apr 2013
  40. we are satisfied with st james

    suman chakraborty on 30 Apr 2013
  41. plz give me any school details am in kerala. we are shift for calcutta so plz give me solution

    sanitha on 03 May 2013
  42. I do not agree with the ranking. There r better schools which should have been placed before DPS Ruby Park.
    Secondly, Sacred Heart is in Jamshedpur, what is it doing in this list?

    Shaziq on 11 May 2013
  43. Ranking is not correct rather it’s a biased one. I am associated with some of these school directly and indirectly. Barring few some schools are there in the list are truly not even in the top 50. I know some schools which are not in the list but I am sure they are far better than many of the schools given in the list .

    Madhushree Sarkar on 13 May 2013
  44. i have both boys and want to admit them in the best school. plz help me out.

    neelima mishra on 01 Jun 2013
  45. I have both boys and want to admit them in the best schools of kolkatta. plz help me out for which school should i go.

    neelima mishra on 01 Jun 2013
  46. I want my daughter (DOB : 16/12/2010) to get admission in any renowned girls school

    Surjendu on 17 Jun 2013
  47. ……………don bosco(s) are always at the top lists all the time dont agree sphs or any other such school can challenge the esteem and prominence of any don bosco institution alleast ,,… which are sprea over134 countries providing quality education across da globe… only results does not make up a institutions but quality education teemed wid genuine values and leadership quality makez a school ……..#PROUD TO BE A BOSCONIAN…… NOT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….DON BOSCO ON DA TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KAUSTAV on 17 Jun 2013

    KAUSTAV on 17 Jun 2013
  49. These rankings are tainted!!

    R.Chatterjee on 20 Jun 2013
  50. i’m really shocked to see that there is no name of south point high school. however this school has made continual records of education since 1994
    . i was not surprised to see this not getting 1st or 2nd

    debaditya chaudhuri on 22 Jun 2013
  51. my son is 2yrs 4months old and I want to give him to one of the best school, kindly help me.

    sandip sinha on 22 Jun 2013
  52. please send admission alerts of above listed Co-Ed and Boys school. I have two sons D.O.B 26-02-2004 for class IV and 16-12-2008 for class KG/I.

    Sanjib Choudhuri on 25 Jun 2013
  53. Please help me to get admission for my daughter (d.o.b- 03.9.07) in top 10 Schools in Kolkata .please send alerts regarding admission notices in above mentioned schools

    sarah santra on 02 Jul 2013
  54. RESUME


    (Contact No :9679326301,9434067669)
    (Email :[email protected])

    Career Objective: To accept any sorts of job commensurate within the area of my studies to successfully fulfill the objectives. I would not leave any stone unturned to shoulder responsibilities which would broaden my knowledge and scope for future development. I am able to work on my own initiative or as a part of a team and be sure to deal with all my duties competently.
    Academic Qualification:
    • Passed Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) from Visva-Bharati Univ. in the year 2010 with 67% marks in 1st class.
    • Passed M.A (in Geography) from Visva-Bharati Univ. in the year 2009 with 62% marks in 1st class.
    • Passed B.A. (Hons in Geography) from Visva-Bharati Univ. in the year 2007 with 59% marks in 2nd class.
    • Passed Pre Degree Examination from Visva-Bharati Univ. in the year 2004 with 71% marks in 1st class.
    • Passed School Certificate Examination from Visva-Bharati Univ. in the year 2002 with 72% marks in 1st class.
    • NSS
    • Visva Bharati Annual Athletic Meet
    • Participation in West Bengal Schools Sports Association
    • Participation in Districts Schools Sports Association
    • One year Diploma Course in Computer Application
    • 1 year experience in Assembly of Angels school (ICSE Cls.IX-XII)
    • 3year experience in Central Model School,Barrackpore (CBSE Cls.XI-XII)
    Personal Details: Date of birth – 29th September, 1985
    Language Known – Bengali, English & Hindi
    Hobbies – Reading Story Books, Singing, Dancing, Watching to Games & News, Painting.

    Contact Details: Ishita Chaudhury
    Meghna Apartment,Flat No. – A,3rd floor
    Paschimpalli,Tarapukur Road,Agarpara

    ishita chaudhury on 06 Jul 2013
  55. There could be some good school which you have not brought into the list. I am sure there is some overlook

    Manab Biswas on 11 Jul 2013
  56. I do not regard this list as valid . I have never heard of a school named Sacred Heart Convent,Jamshedpur and you are placing it before Calcutta Boys’ School, which is one of the best schools in Kolkata!! I vehemently protest against this list of top schools!!

    Navoneel Sen on 15 Jul 2013
  57. please notify me on admission process/date of top schools in kolkata for admission to my two sons for class-I and class-V respectively.

    Sanjib Choudhuri on 17 Jul 2013
  58. why G.D.Birla Center For Education name is missing from the top 18.It is very surprising because this school has produced toppers every year in both icse and isc.It has also excellent faculty.

    soumyadeep chatterjee on 19 Jul 2013
  59. i am astonished not to find the nme of Hriyana Vidya Mandir,Saltlake in the list of top schools in kolkata

    sudatta saha on 29 Jul 2013
  60. la martiniere for boys is the best school

    DJ Anish on 31 Jul 2013
  61. people who are willing to put their children in lamartiniere school for girls and boys..ull shud directly come in the school and find out the entire procedure

    DJ Anish on 31 Jul 2013
  62. My son is 3 years old. Now he is in a play school Kidzee. I want to admitted my son (DOB 20/06/2010) in any nearby school in Dumdum, Saltlake or Barrackpore. Please advise me as early as possible.

    Jayeeta Seal on 03 Aug 2013
  63. Oh my god……… How can PRATT MEMORIAL SCHOOL be missing??????

    Pemila Sherpa on 05 Aug 2013
  64. I want admission of my daughter either in birla high for girls or in la marts .please help.

    mukta banthia on 06 Aug 2013
  65. How can PRATT MEMORIAL SCHOOL be missing ????? , it is one of the oldest , renown n premiere school………What is the basis of this listing???

    Pemila on 10 Aug 2013
  66. A school wins Telegraph Award for Best School thrice,
    consecutively does not feature here.(Don Bosco Liluah)Strange.

    Shubham Verma on 24 Aug 2013
  67. you set up the Ranks in what basis.Do you know what is the present Ranking of BIRLA HIGH SCHOOL,IN INDIA OR IN KOLKATA, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

    SUVENDU on 27 Aug 2013

    D BHATTACHARYYA on 27 Aug 2013

    D BHATTACHARYYA on 27 Aug 2013
  70. I am looking for some one who could get my son admitted in the best school or at least among top 5 schools of kolkata ,I am ready to pay some money also for that.

    Ashish Agarwal on 20 Sep 2013
  71. shit survey; no south point and no dbl included

    Rishabh on 02 Oct 2013
  72. Want to know the best schools in Kolkata as on date. If you could provide the details asap it would be very helpful.

    PVS KRISHNAN on 28 Oct 2013
  73. It’s not done. DPS Megacity has made such a great progress with ICSE averaging 94 % n ISC averaging 88% .. Still its not there in the list. One of the best ICSE schools in kolkata with the best teachers ever.

    Ishan Kumar on 27 Nov 2013
  74. Calcutta Boys’ School should be in top 5.
    Rhine Samàjddar 2012-2013 all India Topper from CBS.
    One of the guy to get àdmission into MSc.-Phd right after class 12.

    South Point, St.Lawrence, Modern High,QMS,Pratt,Pathabhavan & RKMV Narendrapur should be in top 10-15.

    Jaybrata Panda on 29 Nov 2013
  75. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Narendrapur !! Should be in top 15

    And CBS & CGHS should be in top 5 !

    Priyanka Sen on 29 Nov 2013
  76. Calcutta Boys School
    CBS should be in Top 5.
    All in India topper Rhine Samajddar from that school. Class 12-99% marks !! Direct Phd entry at IISc Bangalore after class 12 he got.

    And include RKMV Narendrapur School, Birla High Boys, Bharatiya Bidya Bhavan,Navalañanda, Pathabhavan,South Point,QMS,St.Lawrence.
    Iñ the top 20 list.

    Dr. Shekhar Chaudhuri on 29 Nov 2013
  77. plzz send me the details and information about these schools as soon as you can.

    kushal choubey on 01 Dec 2013
  78. Where is St. Lawrence High School of Kolkata ?

    S. Saha on 06 Dec 2013
  79. I am an ex- student of Calcutta Boys’ School. Our school is one of the best school of all times in all aspects unlike some schools who recently evolved out. How come it is ranking 13??????this ranking list is totally a faulty one…

    srijit mondal on 16 Dec 2013
  80. am really surprised to see birla high school not featuring among the top schools of kolkata.really surprising!!!

    raunak banerjee on 28 Dec 2013
  81. am really surprised to see birla high school not featuring among the top very surprised indeed!!

    raunak banerjee on 28 Dec 2013
  82. I want my son and daughter to get admitted in class XI & IX the top 10 schools in Kolkata, please help me.

    akansha on 06 Jan 2014
  83. I want my son and daughter to get admitted in class IX and XI in top 10 schools in kolkata

    tanisha on 06 Jan 2014
  84. I want my son in class XI and daughter in class IX to get admitted in the top 10 schools in Kolkata please help me

    akansha on 07 Jan 2014
  85. I want my son in class XI and daughter in class IX to get admitted in the top 10 schools in Kolkata please help me

    tanisha on 07 Jan 2014
  86. ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE ,BOWBAZAR is a very good school where discipline is concerned and should come at the very top of THE list, if not this list.

    saikat sengupta on 16 Jan 2014

    ARYAN SINGH on 19 Jan 2014
  88. don bosco park circus is the second best school in kolkata . please check the rankings from other pages because you are giving awrong information

    shitangshu shaw on 22 Jan 2014
  89. my son whose date of birth is 9/9/10 , i want him admission for nuesery this year, but near by golf green

    madhu on 29 Jan 2014
  90. This list is absolutely correct. People who are questioning the newbies should know that new infrastructure is important for kids and they should visit the new schools. South point does not even have a school ground and people think its good, really???????

    Indrajit on 01 Feb 2014
  91. I’m very much surprised that Ryan Samajhdar,studend of calcutta boys school(ISC Board) ,was in 3rd position in the world, 2nd position in the country & 1st position in west bengal in 2013.VERY STRANGE TO SEE IN 18 POSITION

    javed kalam on 01 Feb 2014
  92. Shocked to find Birla High School not named in the top 10 list.

    Aditya Daga on 03 Feb 2014
  93. My son is reading in Salt Lake shiksha niketan in standard class 4 his date of birth 28.08.2004 but I am not satisfied with school that’s why I want to change my son school please suggest me.

    Bikash Jaiswal on 06 Feb 2014
  94. How can Modern High be below Loreto?

    Astha on 20 Feb 2014
  95. My son DOB is 27/06/2011 can u tell me is his addmission will be able to Lamartine for boys or s5 james school

    Mahenoor Akhtar on 20 Feb 2014
  96. Ranking Criteria should also be published and instead of 20 , 50 ranks should be there

    Bajrang agarwal on 22 Feb 2014
  97. Top 10 ladies school in kolkata board of CBSC or NCRT.

    Aran Mandal on 24 Feb 2014
  98. Yeahhh

    Vinayak on 03 Mar 2014
  99. I want to know the ratings of DPS and Birla High School from the top schools?

    Jay Gupta on 06 Mar 2014

    KRISHNA on 14 Mar 2014
  101. I want my daughter to get admit in any of the nearby school to kalighat whose DOB is 20.04.2011.
    Please inform would be so kind to you.

    Anusua Mukherjee on 04 Apr 2014
  102. If any one wants there daughter to get admission in any school you can go for modern high school for girls undoubtedly without even thinking !! It was ranked the best school in India 2013 .. It’s a school with lovely teachers and lovely ways to teach which will make your daughter very very smart

    Ifrah kadir on 08 Apr 2014
  103. want to admit my daughter in anyof them near to kalighat. she will be 3+ as on 20.04.2014.

    will be kind to u

    Anusua Mukherjee on 16 Apr 2014
  104. Iwant to get my son admitted in class v in CBSE board enghlish medium school

    SMARTA NANDI on 21 Apr 2014
  105. i am utterly amazed how modern high school is been assessed in top 10 school in kolkata. with the kind of rude staff and teachers, who don’t find an end to their snobbish attitude, and treat parents of wards coming to get their ward admitted to school as puppets. if the staff are so rude , what would a child turn into from the institution.
    i sincerely feel that the view you present should also have an option to receive the opinion of people who have visited these school and had an experience with the people , staff & the teachers of the school.

    vevek singhi on 27 Apr 2014
  106. pLEASE DON’T FOLLOW THIS South Point Should be at the top!!!…everybody knows this!!!

    AKash on 03 May 2014
  107. I was an ex student of st jamess kolkata from 1962 to 1973 ,and i am proud to hear my school is still one of the three leading school in kolkata.

    ALOKE MUKHERJEE on 07 May 2014
  108. how can a good school like future foundation is missing????

    rajatsubhra on 23 May 2014
  109. Are you guys crazy? Auxilium, AG Church, Sacred Heart Convent, etc. before Calcutta Girls’ High??

    Meghna Roy on 20 Jul 2014
  110. Sir/ madam

    I don’t understand how come st.Augustine’s day school Barrackpore is not featured as top schools in India. They have been awarded by statesman , times of India and the telegraph and the British council. The academics is brilliant for the last 15 yrs and they have won most international and national events in CCA and games.
    Pity they are not featured on your list. How was these ranking done Let us have some transparenransparency

    r.gasper on 27 Aug 2014
  111. I am really surprised to see why Mahadevi Birla World Academy is not included in the list . The overall development of the child is necessary and though this school is not very high profile yet I think in days to come this school could top the charts

    Amit Mehta on 09 Sep 2014
  112. SIR,now my daughter is 18 months old; just sugest me top 10 schools in which i will admit my child in futher. C B S E board or I C S E.

    JOY PAL on 17 Sep 2014

    aman on 30 Sep 2014
  114. Ranking was not correct…There are some best scholl in barrackpore like Bholananda national vidyalya, Army public ,
    there are many students of this scool who gave a vry good result in class 10 and 12

    am nt agree abt dis ranking plzz chngee it…

    tausif gani on 02 Nov 2014
  115. Ashok hall does not fit the ranking

    Amit Agarwal on 03 Dec 2014
  116. B.D.MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL school is the very best school. It should also come in the best school.

    PARR on 11 Mar 2015
  117. B.D.MEMORIAL Internatinal school in also one of the best school IN KOLKATA. So it also should come in best school list.

    rina on 11 Mar 2015
  118. I just cannot believe Loreto House is at the fifth position… i believe it should get the first ranking…..there’s no doubt its the best…..the way the teachers prepare the students is something that’s commendable….no other school all over India can exceed the excellence of Loreto House……the best will always remain the best… matter what……

    loveleen de on 18 Mar 2015
  119. I want my 2yrs.girl whose dob 16 th sept.2013, addmitt any top ranked school in kolkata, specifically Modern High school in kolkata. ..please notify me its times of admission notice hanged. ..

    mrs.amrita saha on 18 Apr 2015

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