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Top 10 Schools in India

Last updated on: June 1, 2013

Top 10 Schools

  1. Vasant Valley School, Delhi
  2. The Valley School, Bengaluru
  3. Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
    The Shri Ram School, New Delhi
  4. Mallya Aditi International School, Bengaluru
  5. DPS, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
  6. Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane
    Step by Step, Noida
  7. Centre For Learning, Bengaluru
    Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi
  8. Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad
    The School KFI, Adyar, Chennai, Chennai
    The Riverside School, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad
  9. Sishya School, Adyar, Chennai
  10. Gitanjali School, Hyderabad
    Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

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  1. Carmel Convent is on 9th no ?

    parinaaz on 02 Oct 2011
  2. procedure of admission in 11th standerd

    kapil soam on 19 Nov 2011
  3. ma school BLS on Rank 7 :)) :))

    rahil anand on 28 Dec 2011
  4. Yaa dps bokaro is one of the finest school,, teachers are very helpful.and u can find the real competition among best children frm all ovr india…i miss my school..

    Rajeev ranjan on 29 Dec 2011
  5. aawww dat awsm….MVN at 2…..proid of being MVNittees:):)

    Anshul Jain on 29 Dec 2011
  6. yippieee…my school on 7th position….bls… 😀

    ankita on 29 Dec 2011
  7. My school is the Best and will always no-1:-)

    Rajesh Upadhyay on 29 Dec 2011
  8. nice

    kundan on 30 Dec 2011
  9. proud to be a brightlander…

    prashant bhatt on 30 Dec 2011
  10. i love mah skul…… a lott.. n miss mah respected principal sir n teachers…. mah DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, BHILAI , CHHATTISGARH….

    ANKITA HALDER on 31 Dec 2011
  11. proud to be an annite…

    samitha on 31 Dec 2011
  12. my school dps bhilai at expected 🙂
    proud to b a dipsite:)

    radhika on 02 Jan 2012
  13. very true!

    ritika on 02 Jan 2012
  14. DAV Chennai, FTW. Awesome school.

    Sai on 02 Jan 2012
  15. NOT CLEAR ON WHAT BASIS HAVE THE schools been ranked
    In Mumbai / Metro cities any rating of school if it has to be of any help to parents/ students, should be categorised / divided by
    1. Location : Thane is on one end of Mumbai & South Mumbai, Fort the other.
    2. Board : Comparisons btw ICSE, SSC, IB Schools should be categorised separately.
    Within these two heads it should include
    3. Fees: Comparisons/ Ratings should take into consideration
    Deposit+ Actual Fees at school & any other expenses ,
    .I. Infrastructure –
    a. inclusive of open area for sports ( all schools claim to have sports activities although they minimal or no open space)
    b. Well ventilated classrooms where each child has a seat with enough elbow room,
    II. . Overall Qualified teacher ratio- Shortage of staff in recent years has made the schools accept even undergraduate untrained teachers/ staff at High school level.
    III.. Student – Teacher Ratio ( this is the worst scenario in Indian schools 40-60 kids crammed in a class with just one teacher)
    IV. Hygiene- Another sickening feature of Indian Schools.
    Most Indian schools have just a few toilets completely spaced out whereas the students could be 2000+
    V. Student- Staff Safety- Clearly marked Exits, Wide staircases are a must as most schools are now becoming multi-storied

    Queenie on 16 Jan 2012
  16. Dps rk puram hi i miss u u made me an ias officer ….thnxxxxx and bst wishes to all my juinor…….

    srivastava abhishek on 16 Jan 2012
  17. my school dps bhilai is on the top

    Udbhav on 11 Feb 2012
  18. DPS Bokaro is one of the best school in India.

    chandra kala on 01 Mar 2012
  19. about addmission in this school?

    j.p.shrivastava on 03 Mar 2012
  20. our school St.Anslems School,abu road,Rajasthan is on the bottom of the school ranking
    and i am proud to be an anslemite

    Avi jain on 13 Mar 2012
  21. Chandra kala ma’am,you were a computer teacher in DPS Bokaro.I miss you a lot!.

    ebonjoj on 22 Mar 2012
  22. VVS is supposed to be on number 1.
    {as usual}

    Zoraver on 15 Apr 2012

    milind on 10 May 2012
  24. Way to go, Sanskriti School. Our youngest sister Sai is studying there and the school is fantastic. Anyway, good luck to all schools!

    Sandhya and Soumya Nimbalkar.

    sandhyasoumya on 01 Aug 2012
  25. my school Gd Goenka ,delhi is the best matters if it is not in the list…… i am proud to be a goenkan. The school with most of the facilities and good&caring teachers

    asna mushir on 20 Aug 2012
  26. My School Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania is the best school in the world. There is a focus on overall development of every child.

    Manasvi on 27 Aug 2012
  27. I’m proud to be a student of step by step 😀

    Vaibhavi on 06 Sep 2012
  28. I am looking for good school choices including christian missionaries run institutions in the area around Rewari and Bhiwadi. Could anyone please help?

    lalit gambhir on 08 Sep 2012
  29. this is not the correct one, i am a student of tagore international school and it 6 best school in india

    vaibhav on 19 Sep 2012
  30. What is the basis of this ranking? This is a vague list, which seems to have been planted / or generated at random. Unless there is a methodology and individual scoring element that is made public, such rankings are likely to have zero value to anyone.

    PM on 22 Oct 2012
  31. I am reading in Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School is the best school in Bihar however it is not listed in this there will our school name

    Raja on 28 Nov 2012
  32. Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani is one of the most reputed schools in India fulfilling all the requirements of giving a girl child the best education in all fields. It is sad to see that it not included in top list. Can you please tell me the procedure and the conditions to be included in the top list.

    savitri on 28 Dec 2012
  33. hi! its nice 2 about the best schools but i would say that there’s no school better than mine i.e. K.V. BECAUSE east or west K.V. is THE BEST.

    ITS my gud luck that i am a kv student

    pooja verma on 17 Jan 2013
  34. Scottish is the best

    Aryan chugh on 09 Mar 2013
  35. the heritage school,kolkata is the best school of India

    Satyam Singh on 12 Mar 2013

    anshita on 16 Mar 2013
  37. South point one of the longest school in asia in past. Please call for details 7501109911/8926381635

    abdus salam islam on 27 Mar 2013
  38. i feel springdales d k is the best school in al respects including studies n all types of extra curricular activities n should be on upper rank than the existing one

    rajni on 30 Mar 2013
  39. i am proud to be a SPRINGDALIAN.i love my school.

    dhiren on 30 Mar 2013
  40. My skul is 1 of d bst skul in india. As ever nd 4ever shri ram school nd i prud 2 its stunt…

    Abhishek prasad on 07 Apr 2013
  41. nice so many information

    kunal kumar on 21 Apr 2013
  42. why don’t you consider r.k.m.narendrapur as the best school of india???…i am an alumnus of it and i am proud of it

    saptarshi on 05 Jun 2013
  43. U should take a look at arunachaal,, I’m from USA n I am usin ma friend’semail adress andd arunachal schools are not best India they r best in the world

    James Richard on 19 Jun 2013
  44. I read in Hi-q international academy & it will always be a good school for me.

    Tushar Mishra on 24 Jun 2013
  45. gitanjali is best and finest school in the world

    sandeep neemkar on 13 Jul 2013
  46. GITANJALI SCHOOL is most fantastic school

    sohan mahaenderkar on 13 Jul 2013
  47. want to admit my son in class viii at a good school

    RAM GOPAL SHARMA on 18 Aug 2013
  48. is it correct ?????????????

    aushka on 28 Aug 2013

    VIBHUTI OM KASHYAP on 31 Aug 2013
  50. I felt more happiness because “Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School” ranked 6.

    Debarshi Pandit on 03 Sep 2013
  51. i feel glad that i am indian

    suhani jain on 04 Sep 2013
  52. i like india favorite schools

    parveen Kumar meena on 08 Sep 2013
  53. With the mushrooming of several schools in Gurgaon , parents are faced with the dilemma of choosing a right place for their little ones and the question they often have is why a particular school ?
    Excelsior American School is a day boarding, senior secondary institute, at the moment opening its doors from nursery to class VII. The school shall be affiliated to CBSE and International Baccalaureate.

    Excelsior American School is a day boarding, senior secondary institute, at the moment opening its doors from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI. The school shall be affiliated to CBSE International and International Baccalaureate effective August 2014 .

    We provide the kind of quality childcare and creative learning environment for which you have been searching. Education takes on new meaning when the child’s natural curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. Attending our school is a “positive” growth experience for all children.

    Our “state-of-the-art” facility has been carefully designed to accommodate the complex needs of children. You can relax during the day, confident that your loved one is safe and secure in a setting geared to enhance learning. This warm and inviting atmosphere is the next best thing to home.

    Key staff members are professionally trained in the Excelsior principles of education. Support staff includes specialists in reading, science, social studies, Spanish, French, music, art, and computers. Teaching methods are consistent throughout the school, making for a smooth transition as students move from one learning area to another.

    Our active, self-directed educational process fosters the utmost in creative thinking. We empower the children via a unique balance of freedom and responsibility, both in and out of the classroom. These early academic success experiences create a joy of learning that lasts a lifetime.

    Each child is thoroughly evaluated and personally guided through a self-paced curriculum. This accounts for individual differences and enables the children to progress at their own speed. Thus, the level of stress is minimized, and they are free to set up their own challenges (even choose the order of their work). It has been shown that learning actually occurs faster in the absence of fixed, imposed constraints.

    Rich curriculum is planned for all ages. Language development, strong vocabulary, and enhanced general knowledge are emphasized at all levels. Preprimary classes also focus on practical life, sensorial, early reading and math, as well as cultural experiences.
    Regarding Elementary and High School children the school’s goal is to be on the cutting edge of quality educational innovation in order to produce high achievement and the best program for its students. Curriculum is developed with the philosophy that all students can learn and deserve equal access to quality education

    Numerous enrichment activities are offered that you may select for your child. These include piano lessons, swim classes, tumbling, dance, and fitness programs, ceramics, clay modeling, etc

    Primary Classes upwards children get to participate in the ‘ Weekly Friday Clubs ‘[add the list from the earlier website]Have a drop down menu with all the clubs Given in the old website and add INDIAN MUSIC

    Our innovative playground equipment has been specially set up in order to fulfill the important need for physical exercise. These outdoor facilities are available to the children when they feel they need to move about.

    Nutrition is an important factor in learning. Hot breakfast and lunches are planned to provide good nourishment and develop good eating habits from a young age. Nutritious snacks are also provided several times a day.

    We are centrally located in the heart of Gurgaon [C2 , SUSHANT LOK PHASE 1].

    Our doors open at 8 o’clock in the morning and remain open until 4 PM in the evening..

    Sports is an integral part of Excelsior Curriculum and the main aim of the sports curriculum is to
    Improve their physical skills and fitness.
    Develop self discipline
    Be enthusiastic.
    Be motivated
    Develop self respect and high self esteem.
    Be a Team Player.
    We offer an array of sports to children Taekwondo, Basket Ball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Horse riding, Soccer, Base Ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Parasailing, Adventure Sports , Track & Field and Table Tennis.

    rakesh saha on 13 Sep 2013
  54. False. St. John’s high school chandigarh is at number 2. Get your facts right.

    Akshit Sharma on 22 Sep 2013
  55. There should be Ryan international noida too……..

    sachi garg on 24 Sep 2013
  56. u are wrong my school sai international ranked 8 and 1 in orissa

    ipsita on 27 Sep 2013
  57. love my school! singhania roxx. anyone knows shalaka kulkarni here? she ranked 1st in icse board in the entire nation. she is a SULONIAN! proud to be a sulonian!

    aditi on 02 Oct 2013
  58. Have u ever come to nps hsr? You would’ve rated it 1st

    Minu on 04 Oct 2013
  59. Procidure of admission class 6

    asmanzaman on 23 Oct 2013
  60. I am proud to be a student of Sri Akilandeswari Vidyalaya in Trichy.I am also a luckiest person in the world to get admitted in this marvellous institution.

    Vinoth on 08 Nov 2013
  61. what is the faetures of the dps,rk puram &what their fee fir admissio in 11

    suraj on 12 Jan 2014
  62. “naincy convent ”

    kundan on 25 Jan 2014
  63. i want to do admission in 5th standred for my little sister

    saif ali on 10 Mar 2014

    KRISHNA on 14 Mar 2014
  65. Nyc nd top school of in india

    Vikramsingh rathore on 21 Mar 2014
  66. Hi, I would like to know on what basis you have decided the ranking of the schools??

    Mayank on 30 Mar 2014
  67. kindly contect me 09479282858

    R .L. DAMLEY on 16 Jul 2014
  68. Where’s St. Xavier’s Collegiate School?

    Meghna Roy on 20 Jul 2014
  69. hi i m student of class 11th
    what a pleasant surprize ki ilndia aj kitni progress pe h phle india ko jha hona chaiye tha aj india us mukam pr h very well

    prachi on 22 Jul 2014
  70. i m proud of my skul dps

    shivani tomar on 22 Jul 2014

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