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Top eCommerce Websites in India

Last updated on: April 20, 2013

Online Shopping Websites

  17. Rediff Shopping
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  1. update Ecommerce and portal companies in terms of revenue

    prabu on 07 Jul 2012
    The biggest ‘Haat’ in town is here. Shop anything sitting anywhere and get it at your doorstep at attractive prices and best discounts, the best in the market. With various brands and variety of products showcased, something in the least will for sure catch your fancy. So get ready with your shopping list, because we are COMING SOON…

    ashkaushik80 on 25 Jul 2012
  3. Best shopping site in India –

    Vijay on 31 Aug 2012
  4. such a nice collection of e-commerce sites in India.

    cutmrp on 13 Sep 2012
  5. hey guys u think u missed out
    in hyderabad they are delivering on same day it self. I think you need to add that as well

    kishore on 20 Sep 2012
  6. India’s Leading Marketplace for Online Shopping at Best Prices!
    Online Shopping Store, Buy Online: Mobiles Phone, Computers, Home Appliances, Lowest Price in India at ShopClues

    AnkurD on 06 Oct 2012
  7. Jabong

    Justin on 23 Oct 2012
  8. : FREE SHIPPING all across India

    rohit on 22 Nov 2012
  9. Dont Forgot
    Dedicated store for Sports & Health Related Products

    Jammy on 26 Nov 2012
  10. is coming soon

    Manoj on 30 Nov 2012
  11. Best shopping portal for youths….

    A new entrant in e-commerce –

    Milind on 30 Nov 2012
  12. Hi,

    I would like to rank our online website too. , this will help us to develop ourself too.


    Raaj on 12 Dec 2012
  13. the one and only competitor for junglee is …they are just launched… very good website

    ravi on 18 Dec 2012
  14. is yet another ecommerce website you guys should look into. it has all kinds of baby stuff for infants, newborns and toddler. BRilliant user experience.

    Chetan Chopra on 19 Dec 2012
  15. we are establishing our new businessin e-commerce in products selling and in online
    education&training segment you are advised to send the details of your services in
    this context with your professional charge.

    J.L.jindal on 15 Jan 2013
  16. It is with response to your list of leading online shopping was not found in your list. It would be appreciable if you include in your list. However, if there is a potential reason for excluding this site, kindly let us know at [email protected]

    Anil on 14 Feb 2013
  17. Hi,

    I would like to rank our online website too.


    Vikas on 18 Feb 2013
  18. where is in the list? well just watch out for this space and this comment after 6 months… niche category is going to be exploded

    Gizmobhai on 23 Feb 2013
  19. There are some popular online store in India now

    vshah on 05 Mar 2013
  20. do check out the site is one of the few dealing with mobile accessories at prices which are hard to believe. 79 for any scratchguard and 89 for any silicone cover with free shipping and EBS payment gateway will surely make you try once … do try out

    indrajit on 30 Mar 2013
  21. Dear Indiaranker,

    Greetings from!

    We write this mail looking forward for the possibility of

    getting us listed on your website earnest request

    would be of to project and list us along with other online

    shopping sites on your portal.

    Grabmore had been on the online space for a while now and

    is dedicated to provide wonderful customer experience

    through our collections at affordable prices. Our exclusive

    collections on major scale includes internationally acclaimed

    branded products of various catalogs from the USA.

    The site showcases wide array of products that range from

    electronics, home appliances, kitchenware, tablet PCs, ebook

    readers, Computers, laptops, books, beauty products,

    clothing, mobile and accessories, etc.

    For any other clarifications, please feel free to call us

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Internet Marketing Team,


    +91-44-25323226 / 25323227 Ext: 204

    Grabmore India

    kumar on 20 Apr 2013
  22. is also one of the top ecommerce site. Include in your list in top 5

    Mack on 21 Apr 2013
  23. A bigboss of all these sites / companies have come in India.

    World’s Leading brand “Amway” is now in India as Amway India Enterprises will be on top of all of these very soon…

    Just wait and watch…

    Bala on 29 Apr 2013
  24. why

    arti on 29 Apr 2013
  25. Best Gifts site in India –

    Rahman on 29 Apr 2013
  26. I loved the site while shopping gifts for my wife.

    Gaurav on 03 May 2013
  27. correction need to be done.. yebhi at 18 or 11 ????

    nishant on 16 May 2013
  28. related news, career and latest updation.

    sushant on 29 May 2013
  29. news, career and latest information

    sushant on 29 May 2013
  30. Best e-commerce website is Mydeals247. Its top most innovative wesite.

    Nick on 09 Jun 2013
  31. what about ? They have been there since last 4-5 month. They not only sell everything for Rs 999 or less but their products are highly discounted and different.

    ssrk on 12 Jun 2013
  32. what about ? They have been there since last 4-5 month. They not only sell everything for Rs 999 or less but their products are highly discounted and different.

    ssrks on 12 Jun 2013
  33. At Voonik, we are working on a personalized and expert curated e-commerce platform.
    Currently the focus is on fashion apparels. Users will be able to get dress recommendation based on their style preferences, body shape, skin tone etc. on 22 Jun 2013
  34. Migrate your current eCommerce portal into Hybris framework and we are handling its development, support and testing offshore(India)!
    ! I am available on skype – rohiet.shanyal or email – [email protected]

    rohit on 17 Jul 2013

    Naman on 18 Sep 2013
  36. eco call me 9900330339

    khan on 19 Sep 2013
  37. Now a day there is lot of online site but only few make their market in india.
    these are

    and some of is still competing.
    Some of sited whicj provide good offer and heavy discount on the product are


    harry on 27 Oct 2013
  38. a new e commerce revolution is coming in Feb 2014

    saurabh s on 06 Jan 2014
  39. a nice t-shirt boutique

    Prajan on 07 Jan 2014
  40. new Started Ecommerce Sites

    Mangesh on 16 Jan 2014
  41. Check

    Chiranjiv on 26 Feb 2014
  42. is most powerful online shopping in india

    puviworld on 26 Mar 2014
  43. For unique & quirky designer products check on 23 May 2014
  44. best ecommerce site to give good price and a faster delivery is

    rakesh on 06 Jun 2014
    SNAPDEAL Order Nbr. 2569404318 / Request #8484439
    TV Not working on delivery and NO Refund/Exchange despite innumerable calls to customer service. Had paid money online & since then there’s been No response whatsover except a couple of robotic emails/ customer rep saying ‘we are looking into this’. This is UNacceptable and the company must be punished for malpractises and utter incompetence. How can they take the customers money and then NOT deliver the right product and keep delaying on ‘purpose’, which I am 100% sure is the case looking at the attitude/robotic replies of customer reps. I am sure that

    1.SNAPDEAL does NOT have a working product available on short notice due to their network of SHADY/SUBstandard sellers and merchandisers who sell fake/used/defective/stolen products.
    2. They take customer’s money today and promise to deliver a product within say 2-5 days, and then keep delaying for months until customer is fed up of calling again and again and cancels and demands refund as per their immoral TrustPay guarantee. They then take another month to return the money which they have to legally anyways someday or the customer can actually sue. Now by this stage, they have kept your money for couple months and earned INTEREST on it; while you tear your hair apart.

    I have shopped online extensively in the US in the past 7-8 years and now here in India in the past year. Its safe to say THIS HAS BEEN MY WORST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER.

    The Number of online complaints and pleas for help I see is something I havent seen before for a company that is supposedly One of India’s recent times internet success stories. I think Its easy to ride the wave of increasing internet reach in India currently and quicky rise as a company, but very difficult to sustain it in the longer run with these kind of operations and unethical behavior.

    I refuse to believe that someone senior in the company hasnt seen or is not aware of the sheer number of complaints and the kind that would figure in peoples ‘most horrible experience’ lists. And if they have seen it, then why do these complaints keep getting more and more as each day passes. Arent corporations supposed to atleast make an effort to better themselves. What kind of business are you running? Is the company moto ONLY to earn money at customers expense. To hell with return customers huh?

    I have been doing some online research specifically on snapdeal reviews and the kind of complaints compared to other sites such as amazon india, flipkart..and I see the difference. Its quite an eye opener. And kind of a scam.

    Dear Snapdeal – Yes, you are one of India’s recent internet success stories. But you are also operating a scam. Making a quick buck and fooling customers.
    Remember the Internet is forever. Whatever’s written on here is your history and legacy. And the lakhs (maybe millions) of rants and complaints and desperate pleas for help plastered all over the internet by cheated customers will come back to bite you someday when it really matters. You made a joke out of something as simple as online shopping.

    -T Mathews

    TMathews on 27 Aug 2014

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