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Top Online Shopping Websites in India

Last updated on: July 7, 2012
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  1. Good review!

    Jibu on 27 Jul 2012
  2. What is the basis / data / logic / criteria you’ve used to determine these ratings? Or is it simply your personal opinion? Thanks for answering.

    Abdul Momin on 20 Sep 2012
  3. Notify me of new updates about ‘Top Online Shopping Websites in India’ in future by email.

    Saurabh Kumar on 01 Nov 2012
  4. please confirm to me about indiatimes shopping .

    Is it perfect choice for me or not .
    Because i order a mobile on it.

    Manish on 27 Nov 2012
  5. I do not believe in Snapdeal. Its one of the most company that do not stick to delivery or returns.

    I would rank it 10 times lower than flipkart

    Srinivas on 09 Dec 2012
  6. Perfect ranking! Mine is the same. 🙂

    Jibu on 13 Dec 2012
  7. On what factors u give rankings ?
    Thank you

    Dapinder singh on 19 Feb 2013
  8. hi m jyotika
    I have purchase a fastrack bag from and i am satisfy with the services they in time and cost is really Very less from other.

    jyotika on 22 Feb 2013
  9. Hey nice compilation… Also If you guys looking for refurbished electronics items than must review … They are selling brands at an affordable price

    Sameer on 13 Mar 2013
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    laasya on 22 Mar 2013
  11. Hi,

    I have found FabFurnish coupons.

    Coupon Code: FABLO10
    Offer Highlights: Flat 10% discount on minimum purchase of Rs. 1499

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    Offer Highlights: Flat 15% discount on minimum purchase of Rs. 2499

    laasya on 22 Mar 2013
  12. is saholic .com safe???

    kajka on 02 Apr 2013
  13. very fine and cheap women clothes and jewellery available at with free shipping…!!!

    kiran rathod on 17 Apr 2013
  14. Nice list but. At times some small ecommerce sites also providing good services at low prices. I had best gifting experience with
    They responded at night also to make midnight 12.oo PM.

    Sanjaysahu on 20 Apr 2013
  15. is also one of the top shopping site. Include in your list in top 5

    Mack on 21 Apr 2013
  16. I would also suggest this new online shopping website . The site has excellent product range with Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping, and Online payment option. also has a feature called Same Day Delivery for some gift items like cakes & flowers. I found their prices are cheaper than most other websites. Overall a good website.

    Ray on 28 Apr 2013
  17. We consolidate deals from all the online shopping website in india. Best online shopping deals, coupons, promotions and discounts for online shoppers in india. Please visit

    hindustanideals on 03 May 2013
  18. I dont know on what basis you did your survey. But according to my practical experience these are the TOP 10 online shopping websites in overall aspects like delivery, price, offers, service, customer care response and all other aspects :-

    1. Flipkart

    2. Ebay

    3. Infibeam

    4. Tradus

    5. Homeshop 18

    6. Jabong

    7. Yebhi

    8. India times shopping

    9. Snapdeal

    10. Naaptol

    I purchased many products from all these 10 websites… Ye 10 websites chod ke baaki ke mujhe malum nahi… I dont know about any other websites except these 10… Go for flipkart, ebay and tradus first…
    Flipkart is excellent in all aspects… All the best…

    Amey Tole on 07 Jun 2013
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    We are looking to have one Blog Post / Article at your blog related to online shopping website in India.
    Can you please share your charges for this.
    We would require 2 do follow link added in our Article.
    Awaiting your reply to start this association with you ASAP.


    Ved on 17 Jun 2013
  20. Find the best offers of all above stores at
    http//… all about Online Sales, Discounts, Coupons, Offers…in all online stores

    Rahul on 11 Jul 2013
  21. Thanks..Good info buddy.. I have got one more amazing news for everyone who is looking for lastest online discounts offers from flipkart.
    Here it is…enjoy shopping..

    It has got flipkart’s amazing discount offers here for India.Tried and tested..
    Quick delivery ..Great product quality

    Gill Chandra on 14 Jul 2013
  22. Hi I bought Some books from Infibeam order # ID:20301021 . I would suggest you guys to avoid this website for purchase as they would never agree to return the product no matter how bad is the product delivered.

    I sent them 3 emails and did not receive any reply. the phone support is pathetic and only has robotic response.

    Worst products when delivered coupled with worst and robotic customer service which fails to understand logic.

    Abdul Qadir on 05 Aug 2013
  23. My personal experience with, has been better than most on your list, even though they feature only international designed t-shirts, their tee fitting has been excellent. Anyone else with the same thoughts.

    Vinod Pillai on 23 Aug 2013
  24. Well, there are plenty of fish in the sea as they say but I am listing some of my favorites so far:-
    1. – They do come up with some amazing SALES for western wear but the only drawback is at time they take more than a month to deliver the package. All in all always a pleasure shopping with them.

    2. – Need to say more Wink

    3. – Fast & Reliable.

    4. – This site will definitely surprise you with the collection of western wear and accessories. A new & promising website with a very good service and customer support. – This is one of the best shopping portals I have come across so far. They have a super fast delivery system in place and a wonderful customer service support. No wonder why they are counted among the top shopping portals in India

    **This is a random list that I have compiled as per my shopping experience with these websites.

    Niharika on 27 Aug 2013
  25. You may find top online stores discounts on all sales at single store “”,where latest discounts are posting daily .

    Rahul on 28 Aug 2013
  26. Check my top online shopping websites list,

    Farah on 08 Sep 2013
  27. Good list but and www.couponsindia. org is missing here .

    Rajesh on 13 Sep 2013
  28. Check our curated list of top online shopping websites in India,

    Khaleel on 24 Oct 2013
  29. snapdeal is genuine or not

    kalyan pothineni on 26 Oct 2013
  30. online shopping mall is now live!!!!

    shopping on 01 Nov 2013
  31. This is nicely compiled list. Good work…
    Generally the best experience would be with newer stores. I had a amazing experience shopping with
    Had ordered a lunch box set and JBS socks, which they claim are imported. Did not believe them initially, but thought of giving it a try. Have already got many compliments for the same already…3 of my friends went and bought the socks after seeing me wearing them

    gaurav on 05 Dec 2013
  32. these all sites are very popular and i also use these site for shopping ..but i want to add one more site this site have very nice collection of luxury products..

    shikha on 18 Dec 2013
  33. Get best and updated coupons, deals and Freebies at

    Shaik Hussain on 06 Feb 2014
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    netstarz on 14 Feb 2014
  35. Hi, Am so happy to sharing this .. Last month my friend told about website is a customized tshirt website like that. So i am ordered one tshitrt in Last week i was received my tshirt from The quality of tshirt & printing is too good..

    COD also available and free shipping also .

    Thank you team. Keep it up 🙂

    Ajith on 11 Mar 2014
  36. I too suggest one more website i.e online deals website offer maximum possible discount a user can get, in terms of money, service & time.

    Raj on 27 Apr 2014
  37. Wat abt, i think its the best one

    Sarthak Upadhyay on 28 May 2014
  38. I can’t understand how this indiaranker website has placed SNAPDEAL in the Top 10 online shopping site, it has really got a very bad service. I have purchased a mobile on snapdeal, in the first instance i got late delivery of my order and over that it has delivered a wrong piece and has got scratches on the screen >.< .So you can understand how filthy their services are.
    Note to this website moderator: Change the ranking its really misleading the readers.

    santosh on 12 Jul 2014

    Nikit on 16 Aug 2014
  40. My order of preference
    1. Snapdeal
    2. Naaptol
    3. Flipkart
    4. Amazon

    S.Mohan on 17 Aug 2014
  41. SNAPDEAL Order Nbr. 2569404318 / Request #8484439
    TV Not working on delivery and NO Refund/Exchange despite innumerable calls to customer service. Had paid money online & since then there’s been No response whatsover except a couple of robotic emails/ customer rep saying ‘we are looking into this’. This is UNacceptable and the company must be punished for malpractises and utter incompetence. How can they take the customers money and then NOT deliver the right product and keep delaying on ‘purpose’, which I am 100% sure is the case looking at the attitude/robotic replies of customer reps. I am sure that

    1.SNAPDEAL does NOT have a working product available on short notice due to their network of SHADY/SUBstandard sellers and merchandisers who sell fake/used/defective/stolen products.
    2. They take customer’s money today and promise to deliver a product within say 2-5 days, and then keep delaying for months until customer is fed up of calling again and again and cancels and demands refund as per their immoral TrustPay guarantee. They then take another month to return the money which they have to legally anyways someday or the customer can actually sue. Now by this stage, they have kept your money for couple months and earned INTEREST on it; while you tear your hair apart.

    I have shopped online extensively in the US in the past 7-8 years and now here in India in the past year. Its safe to say THIS HAS BEEN MY WORST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER.

    The Number of online complaints and pleas for help I see is something I havent seen before for a company that is supposedly One of India’s recent times internet success stories. I think Its easy to ride the wave of increasing internet reach in India currently and quicky rise as a company, but very difficult to sustain it in the longer run with these kind of operations and unethical behavior.

    I refuse to believe that someone senior in the company hasnt seen or is not aware of the sheer number of complaints and the kind that would figure in peoples ‘most horrible experience’ lists. And if they have seen it, then why do these complaints keep getting more and more as each day passes. Arent corporations supposed to atleast make an effort to better themselves. What kind of business are you running? Is the company moto ONLY to earn money at customers expense. To hell with return customers huh?

    I have been doing some online research specifically on snapdeal reviews and the kind of complaints compared to other sites such as amazon india, flipkart..and I see the difference. Its quite an eye opener. And kind of a scam.

    Dear Snapdeal – Yes, you are one of India’s recent internet success stories. But you are also operating a scam. Making a quick buck and fooling customers.
    Remember the Internet is forever. Whatever’s written on here is your history and legacy. And the lakhs (maybe millions) of rants and complaints and desperate pleas for help plastered all over the internet by cheated customers will come back to bite you someday when it really matters. You made a joke out of something as simple as online shopping.

    T Mathews on 28 Aug 2014
  42. Biggest online purchasing mistake of my life was ordering a television through Snapdeal. I really repent not going into a store and paying few thousands extra and buying the television. I wouldnt have to go through this hellish and super stressful ordeal which has taught me a lesson to not shop online for electronic goods anymore (and even if i do i will stick to some trusted brand like amazon..lesson learnt). Thanks Snapdeal..

    1. You send me a faulty tv for order number 2569404318
    2. The remote you sent alongwith the tv is for a different model which is just great attention to detail
    3. I call customer support (which is by far hell bent on screwing up whatever brand name snapdeal has. I dont understand why) for exchange and then my real ordeal starts. I would’ve made atleast 30-40 calls to your amazingly incompetent customer service in this period to follow up for return pickup. It’s pretty shocking to see this kind of customer service and utter demotivation to really do anything for the customer. This is basically telling the customer ‘you ordered the product and paid already; now we dont give a [email protected]$k)
    4.Now, the faulty product had originally arrived on 10th August. Today is 27th. I am still awaiting exchange for a faulty product that I already paid money for.

    I know this isnt matter isnt finished yet. I still have to make 30-40 calls to your customer service and followup about return of faulty product, and then hassle again for exchange when your customer service pushes for repair. And after this, i still have to wait for the new product (for which i paid and havent been able to even use once) and then innumerable calls to follow up on delivery. And after all this, I will need to pray that the product works the second time around.

    I just wish I had seen online complaints about your site before ordering. It’s a shame really the experience I have had..They are just trying to delay exchange or refund to earn free interest on customers money. This has to be investigated for the innumerable complaints happening each and strict action should be taken against the company for cheating and fraudulent practises.

    T Mathews on 28 Aug 2014

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